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The Human Rights Center and Cristosal are seeking undergrad and graduate students with a commitment to defending and promoting human rights in the United States, Central America, and around the world for an eight-week virtual internship starting in March 2021. 

This HRC internship placement provides an opportunity to experience human rights and local development work in Central America and develop skills as a human rights and development advocate, educator, and defender while working directly with, and supporting Cristosal’s team. 

As an intern, you will collaborate with Cristosal’s multidisciplinary team developing research and educational materials while participating in training on Cristosal’s human rights and development work. Cristosal’s work in El Salvador includes community organizing, victim advocacy and accompaniment, strategic litigation, and participatory research on issues of forced displacement, hate crimes, state violence, due process, and access to justice and transitional justice. Working with the team in El Salvador you will join a collaborative movement of people advancing human rights in Central America while developing essential skills, knowledge and insights to empower your advocacy for human rights wherever you may live and work in the future.


Cristosal is committed to being an organization specializing in the defense of human rights of victims of different types of violence, recognized at the international, national, and regional level for applying a human rights approach to programming and operations while working for structural change through strategic litigation, communications research, and legal advocacy with the leadership of excluded communities in Central America. 

Cristosal supports victims of violence by providing protection when they need it most, repair the effects of human rights violations through strategic court cases, and work with communities to build environments where peace is possible.


Depending on your skills and experience, you may have tasks or responsibilities that include some or all of the following:  

  • Research assistance: Cristosal’s research teams use qualitative and quantitative methods to document and educate. This may include online research, interviews, and the analysis and process of information gathered.
    • Topics of research may include: (1) Dialogue facilitation and training tools; (2) Police brutality and state violence; (3) Human rights and asylum seekers; (4) Hate crimes and the LGBTQI+ community. 
    • Cristosal is also willing to engage students who are working to complete a research project or thesis. 
  • Educational materials and content development: Cristosal’s Global School for Human Rights hosts week-long intercultural seminars on a range of human rights topics. Contributing to the materials used may include translation or development of PowerPoint presentations,  reflection materials, ice-breaker games, development of interactive, online learning modules, creation of popular education hands-on learning activities, among others.

Upon completion of your internship, you will take on the following tasks:

  • Prepare and make an HRC related presentation on your research, experience and reflections with Cristosal 
  • Write a blog reflecting on your experience to be published on the HRC website 
  • Provide photos and other materials for promotional purposes
  • Undertake other promotional activities for the internship placement as an alum of the placement as required 


Personal Attributes

  • Desire to build an understanding of the defense and promotion of human rights in El Salvador, your home country, and around the world
  • Ability to work independently and virtually 
  • Humility, grit and good humor, and the ability to adapt quickly into a potentially unpredictable dynamic of work
  • Willing to take initiative, ask questions, contribute creatively to teamwork

Required Skills

  • Conversational ability in Spanish with advanced Spanish reading ability highly preferred. 
  • Strong communication skills in English—verbal and written—and interest in documenting and sharing analysis, reflection, information and experiences with English-speaking audiences in support of human rights.
  • Ability to integrate interculturally and with a multidisciplinary team.
  • Familiarity with international studies and human rights frameworks and, preferably, some knowledge of the application of a human rights-based approach to development and/or working with victims of violence.


  1. Participants will need access to a computer and a strong wifi connection. 
  2. Timeline: A minimum of 8 weeks’ availability between the dates of March 1, 2021, and May 31, 2021. 
  3. Hours: A minimum of 10 hours per week
  4. Participation in two cohort meetings and bi-weekly mentoring meetings with HRC. 
  5. A signed letter of commitment to security, ethical, and confidentiality standards at Cristosal.
  6. Applicants must be currently enrolled UD students (Undergraduate, Graduate/Law).


  • Cristosal Internship Application deadline: February 12, 2021
  • To apply: 
    1. Complete this application form
    2. Email your resume to with “Spring 2021- Cristosal Internship” in the subject line. 
  • Applicants will be invited for two interviews, one at the Human Rights Center and finalists with Cristosal.


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