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About the Abolition Ohio Speakers Bureau

Abolition Ohio is dedicated to the abolition of all forms of human trafficking - labor trafficking, sex trafficking and all other forms of modern day slavery. The purpose of the Abolition Ohio Speakers Bureau is to raise awareness of human trafficking in the Miami Valley community. The Speakers Bureau wants to increase the Miami Valley community’s capacity to identify and respond to trafficking situations by educating the public through Human Trafficking Workshop Facilitators who are trained to deliver presentations to audiences such as civic groups, faith groups, high schools, businesses, social services, and medical providers. Abolition Ohio Speakers Bureau members are certified to give state-mandated trainings to licensed cosmetologists.

Speakers Bureau Training

  • Trainings are held regularly - contact us for details. Contact us >>
  • Trainings last approximately five hours and consist of three hours of content and two hours of practicing presentation skills.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of training, Speakers Bureau members will be able to identify and understand:

  • The definition of Human Trafficking and some global and regional statistics;
  • The process of trafficking and identifying the eight major types;
  • What makes an individual vulnerable to being trafficked;
  • The terms traffickers, buyers, and supply and demand, as well as the profitability of trafficking;
  • “red flags” or indicators of potential trafficking;
  • What is being done to end human trafficking;
  • The above information and be able to make formal presentations on human trafficking.

Apply for Membership or Request a Speaker

Become a Speakers Bureau Member

To apply, please fill out the online Abolition Ohio Speakers Bureau Member Profile form (www). Submit a letter of recommendation from someone who has observed you present, teach, lead a workshop, or similar speaking activity. Then email us to register for an upcoming training session.

All recommendations should be emailed to: abolitionohio@gmail.com

Request a Speaker

Speakers Bureau Presentations will be conducted at no charge for community and civic groups of five or more persons. Donations are accepted. To request a speaker, please complete our Speaker Request form (www).

Speaker Materials

All of our materials are offered below. You should not use these materials unless you are a trained and certified member of the Abolition Ohio Speakers Bureau.

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