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Curriculum Comparison

The Curriculum Comparison Chart was created to provide a list of human trafficking prevention curricula available around the country as well as a way to compare their features. Whether a particular curriculum does or does not have a feature is not a reflection of the quality of the program, the chart simply shows all of the features for each curriculum so that you can easily find the curriculum that best fits your particular needs and student/youth demographic.

Some curricula are for sale and some are free. A curriculum that is for sale can be purchased directly from the providing organization and used by educators in any location. Those that are not for sale are either offered by trained professionals in a particular area, or are free web-based materials. Choose the curriculum that best suit your needs, and then contact those curriculum providers for further information.

All listed curricula were reviewed and vetted by the NEST Educators advisory board--a national group of anti-human trafficking education experts and advocates. A pdf file of the entire comparison chart is available at the bottom of the page.

Curriculum FEATURES:

  • Service Learning (SL): Curriculum in which students participate in a service project
  • Gender Violence (GV): Addresses violence against women in human trafficking
  • Demand (D): Addresses the demand of human trafficking
  • Media (M): Addresses the role social media and pornography in human trafficking
  • Risk Factors (RF): Addresses risk factors, as well as other vulnerabilities such as self esteem and grooming tactics 
  • Education for Teachers (ET): Provides tools for teachers to recognize and respond to trafficking
  • Labor Trafficking (LT): Addresses labor trafficking or fair trade issues



  • Website: 
  • Program Website: 
  • Name of Program: Empowering Youth to End Sexual Exploitation
  • City and State: Chicago, Illinois
  • Program Length: 4 Sessions
  • Ages: 14-18 
  • Gender: All 
  • Cost: Varies
  • Delivery Method: Contact Organization


Fair Girls (Fair Fund, Inc.) | SL, GV, D, RF, M

  • Website: 
  • Program Website: 
  • Name of Program: Empower Youth Program
  • City and State: Boulder, Colorado
  • Program Length: 5+ Modules
  • Ages: 12+
  • Gender: All
  • Cost: Full & Partial Scholarships Available
  • Delivery Method: iEmpathize helps you facilitate

  • Website: 
  • Program Website: 
  • Name of Program: Prevention Project
  • City and State: Richmond, Virginia 
  • Program Length: 6 Lessons
  • Ages: 12-18 
  • Gender: All 
  • Cost: Varies
  • Delivery Method: Contact Organization


Curriculum Comparison Chart