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Human Rights Center

A Vision For Change

Charting the Frontiers of Research and Advocacy

Our Center creates a positive change through research, education and dialogue. At the heart of a global human rights community, we are committed to bridging the gap between theory and practice, between scholars and practitioners.

Human Rights Day 2019

Candlelight vigil of solidarity and prayer for those who are subject to human rights abuses committed in the name of immigration enforcement

America the Borderland

Multimedia exhibit featuring human rights defenders on the U.S.-Mexico border by the Moral Courage Project

Six Months On: Gun Violence in Dayton and the US

As Dayton continues to deal with the impact of gun violence, we had an open forum featuring policy leaders, community stakeholders, and Mayor Nan Whaley to commemorate the victims and discuss proposals to curb gun violence at the city, state, & national levels.

Summer 2020

Internship with Counterpart

This opportunity is for undergraduate or graduate/law student to be at the front lines of human rights and civil society work in Bangladesh, assessing the implementation of governmental policies and their human rights implications.

Apply by Feb. 28
Summer 2020

Internship with Cristosal

This opportunity is for undergraduate or graduate/law student to experience human rights in Central America and develop skills as a human rights and development advocate, educator and defender while living in El Salvador.

Apply by Feb. 15

Vietnam Legacies Project

The Vietnam Legacies Project will support scholarship, activism, and community engagement on the theme "Transitional Justice, Advocacy, and the U.S.-Vietnam War." Symposium to convene May 2020.

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Human Rights Center

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The driving force behind the Center is a diverse group of dedicated faculty, staff, and students each bringing their own expertise and knowledge to our work in the human rights arena.

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