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Human Rights Center

A Vision For Change

Charting the Frontiers of Research and Advocacy

Our Center creates a positive change through research, education and dialogue. At the heart of a global human rights community, we are committed to bridging the gap between theory and practice, between scholars and practitioners.

#SPHR21: Between Peril & Potential

#SPHR 2021 will address the challenges and opportunities the pandemic has created for human rights advocacy.

2021 Romero Human Rights Award

This award honors an individual or organization whose work has contributed significantly to the alleviation of human suffering and injustice.

Afghanistan Legacies: Confronting the End of America’s Longest War

Informed by the work of the Vietnam Legacies Project, this virtual event provided context for the end of America’s 20-year war in Afghanistan, the unfolding humanitarian and political crises in that country, and the lessons to be learned from previous conflicts like America's war in Vietnam.

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The Moral Courage Project: Poison & Power

This spring, the Moral Courage Project launched its new season: Poison and Power: The Fight for Water. This virtual multi-media exhibit explores the access to clean water in multiple U.S. locations, including Flint and Detroit, Michigan, and Appalachia.

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Vietnam Legacies Project Report

America’s war in Vietnam ended fifty years ago, but the legacies of that conflict remain potent. This report takes stock of US efforts to come to terms with the legacies of war in Southeast Asia, and advises what remains to be done.

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Israel-Palestine in Crisis: Perspectives from the Ground

This panel provided insight into the current wave of horrific violence in Israel-Palestine. Panelists offered diverse perspectives from the ground to help us understand what is happening throughout the region.

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UN human rights recommendations key to US post-election era


Educating the next generation of human rights practitioners


Innovation Labs and the future of human rights practice

Human Rights 01.07.21
US Capitol Assault Demands Recommitment to Human Rights, Rule of Law and Democracy

In our statement on the events at US Capitol on January 6th, 2021, we reflect on our foundational commitment to human rights as part of a Catholic, Marianist institution in the great state of Ohio, US.

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