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he principal investigators for the Center for Flame Retardant Material Science are Dr. Vladimir Benin, professor in the University's Department of Chemistry and Dr. Alexander B. Morgan, distinguished research scientist group leader in UDRI's Applied Combustion and Energy Group. Combined, they have forty years of research experience, with more than thirty combined years at the University of Dayton and UDRI. Joining Drs. Benin and Morgan in 2015, Dr. Elias Toubia is an assistant professor for the School of Engineering. He teaches and conducts research for the Civil and Environmental Engineering and Engineering Mechanics programs.

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University of Dayton Department of Chemistry

Lab: Synthesis lab (SC 418) furnished with standard equipment for the preparation and purification of small molecules and polymers

Instrumentation: Full access to all major instrumentation within and beyond the Department of Chemistry (Multinuclear NMR, GC-MS, several IR, UV-VIS and fluorescence instruments, single-crystal X-ray instrument, Linux-operated QuantumCube QS16-2500C-X64Q Parallel Cluster) 

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University of Dayton Research Institute

Lab: 1700 South Patterson Blvd, Room N3880

Instrumentation: Cone calorimeter, Pyrolysis Combustion Flow Calorimeter, UL-94 Test Station, Horizontal Flame Spread Tester, Vertical Flame Spread Tester, Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter.

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