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Fitz Center for Leadership in Community

Goal Three:

Demonstrate the impact of the Fitz Center's work through critical, reflective evaluation, research and scholarship.

To ensure integrity in all work in which the Fitz Center for Leadership in Community engages in, it is critical to have an intentional process to evaluate and understand the impact and outcomes on all engaged in the work. This evaluation, and related research, should inform future practices and be shared through appropriate community and scholarly presentations and publications.

Student Strategies

  1. Identify and measure universal student learning outcomes across each Fitz Center program.
  2. Evaluate the immediate and long-term impact of Fitz Center programs on students and alumni.
  3. Encourage student engagement in community based research activities.
  4. Create a student fellows program to allow students to develop further their work in community based evaluation strategies.

Faculty and Staff Strategies

  1. Support faculty in their research and scholarship as it aligns with community based learning and the scholarship of engagement.
  2. Provide a series of faculty development opportunities to meet faculty where they are on the community engaged teaching, service and research continuum (workshops, Faculty Learning Communities, one-on-one consultation, Faculty Fellows program).
  3. Support Fitz Center faculty and staff in teaching, research, and scholarship.
  4. Engage a faculty advisory group to advise on strategies for impactful community-engaged teaching and scholarship.

Community Strategies

  1. Ensure that Fitz Center programs are meeting the community’s needs, not causing harm, and contributing to solutions through regular, effective, efficient and consistent program evaluation and monitoring.
  2. Create a community partners fellows program to allow community partners to further develop their work in community based evaluation strategies.
  3. As appropriate, and when financially supported, provide consultative and evaluation services for community organizations.

Fitz Center for Leadership in Community

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