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Fitz Center for Leadership in Community

Goal Four:

Ensure sustainability and continued success for the Fitz Center through the promotion of services and stewardship of resources.

To build on its history and ensure future success, the Fitz Center for Leadership in Community must focus on helping all current and future stakeholders understand the full scope and impact of its programs. 

Strategy 1:

Ensure alignment of all practices and programs with Fitz Center Mission, Vision, and Practiced Principles.


  1. Review all current Fitz Center programs to ensure alignment.
  2. Evaluate all Fitz Center programs and similar programs on the campus, on neighboring campuses and in the community. Identify and articulate what makes the Fitz Center programs unique. In the case of similarity, consider opportunities for partnership, collaboration and dissolution.
  3. Pursue spacing relocation options that would allow all Fitz Center programs and staff to be in one location on the university campus and optimize opportunities for collaboration with other offices.
  4. Provide and support opportunities for life-long learning practices for all Fitz Center staff members to ensure they can fully execute the Fitz Center mission and goals outlined in this plan.

Strategy 2:

Maintain a sustainable and diverse revenue model to maintain and grow Fitz Center programs and resources.


  1. Create and implement an advancement plan to engage new and existing donors in supporting the Fitz Center.
  2. Explore opportunities for federal, state and local grants to support and build programs that align with the Fitz Center mission.
  3. Develop a fee for service infrastructure to offset costs related to outreach programs including RiverMobile and evaluation services.
  4. Sustain financial support from the University of Dayton and the College of Arts and Sciences. 5. Position the Fitz Center to be a priority in the next University campaign.

Strategy 3:

Develop marketing and communications plans to ensure consistent and strategic messaging about the Fitz Center.


  1. Align Fitz Center marketing and communications activities with College and University marketing initiatives.
  2. Build an internal marketing campaign focused on increasing the awareness of the Fitz Center amongst students, faculty, staff and administrators.
  3. Create an external marketing campaign to increase awareness of Fitz Center programs amongst nonprofit, government and funding organizations in the Dayton community.
  4. Integrate existing marketing and communication plans into future Fitz Center marketing where appropriate.
  5. Further develop opportunities for students to lead marketing efforts for the Fitz Center and its programs.

Fitz Center for Leadership in Community

1401 S. Main Street
Dayton, Ohio 45409