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Fitz Center for Leadership in Community

Goal Five:

Support and lead community engaged learning and scholarship initiatives of the University’s strategic vision.

Strategy 1:

Advocate for greater sustainability and stewardship as a riverfront campus.

Action Step

  1. Determine the best institutional home for the Rivers Institute/RiverMobile at UD and establish a formal partnership with the Hanley Sustainability Institute. 

Strategy 2:

Develop, in partnership with the University’s strategic vision, a neighborhood centered resource for entrepreneurship and innovation through community engaged learning and scholarship.

Action Step

  1. Facilitate a working group of faculty, student, staff, and community partner to (add from charge) 

Strategy 3:

Increase University of Dayton in national leadership designations for community engaged learning and scholarship, anchor institutions, and community-centric leadership.

Action Step

  1. Ensure UD fulfills next steps for the Carnegie Classification process in community engagement.

Fitz Center for Leadership in Community

1401 S. Main Street
Dayton, Ohio 45409