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Fitz Center for Leadership in Community

About Semester of Service

Semester of Service is a program in the Fitz Center for Leadership that offers students an in-depth semester long service experience with an opportunity to strengthen the Dayton community, build supportive relationships, and accomplish goals while discerning future paths of service and civic engagement. Semester of Service students also participate in a weekly 3-hour social justice community service internship mini-course (UDI 393) and have the opportunity to develop a coordinating independent study project if desired.

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Our history. Our mission.


Semester of Service began in January 2002 as a joint effort between the Fitz Center for Leadership in Community and Campus Ministry. The program builds on community contacts and experiences gained during the seven years the University of Dayton administered the SWEAT (Serve With Energy and Talent) AmeriCorps Program and Campus Ministry's Summer of Service Program.


The mission of Semester of Service is to expand the worldview of participants while empowering them to become advocates for social change. Through experiential education, intentional community, and support from local agencies, the Semester of Service program provides students a unique atmosphere for learning and reflecting while serving in the community.

Program benefits.

Semester of Service student participants, receive a stipend covering university housing costs + $1,000 for other living expenses. Participants are registered as a full-time student but do not pay tuition. Benefits include:

  • A stipend to cover housing costs and provide $1,000 for other living expenses
  • Ability to continue living in student housing during the course of Semester of Service
  • Earn three mini-course credits for the service-learning course that accompanies the direct service
  • Work full-time at a social service agency in Dayton
  • Gain new skills and experience to improve resume
  • Ability to explore career paths prior to graduation
  • Meet other students with similar interests
  • Participate in meaningful work, with fun people
  • Intentional community living during the summer program
  • Opportunity for additional 3-6 internship/independent study credits with the social science departments

When is the program offered?

Semester of Service is offered each semester of the school year – fall, spring, and summer, and coincides with the UD academic year.  Summer students live together in community, while fall and spring students live in traditional UD housing. Summer dates: May-August; Fall dates: August-December.


Fitz Center for Leadership in Community

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