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Fitz Center for Leadership in Community

Faculty Scholarship

The research and scholarly efforts of our faculty and staff ensure that all students are educated in a vibrant and engaged environment. Recent research and scholarship projects are listed below.

Evaluation Reports

Donnelly, B.W., Arrington, A.L. Annual report to ServeOhio on Dayton Corps (September 2018)

Bohrer, K., Acosta Matos, C., Sakuda, C. Civic Engagement in the Marianist Tradition II. Report prepared for the Association of Marianist Universities (2017).

Donnelly, B. W. "Findings and Results: 2017 United Irish of Dayton Celtic Festival Satisfaction Survey." Reports submitted annually to United Irish of Dayton, Inc., The Ohio Arts Council, Montgomery County Arts and Cultural District, and other funders. Dayton, OH (Annually 2001 through 2017).

Donnelly, B.W., Sommers, S.D., & Winston, C. Annual report to ServeOhio on YESS AmeriCorps (Annually, September 2015, through September 2017).

Bohrer, K., Pinnell, M., Anderson, M., Vanderburgh, P., Ferguson, R., Kinnucan-Welsh, K., Lopez-Matthews, A., Harmon, K., Forlani, V., and Neeley, G. Application for 2015 Carnegie Community Engagement Classification, received.

Other Projects, Proposals, and Grants

Goodman, H.P. “Embracing Opportunity: Engaging Higher Education through Community Engagement.” Book review. Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship, Vol. 11, No. 1: pp 67 – 68 (2018).

Becker, S. & Sweet, C.“What Would I Look Like?”: How Concentrated Disadvantage Impacts Hip-Hop Artists’ Connections to Community.” Sociology of Race and Ethnicity, (2018).

Bohrer, K.”Foreword” in Thomas-Trout, M., Chema, C., and Irwin, A. Facing Dayton: Neighborhood Narratives (2018).

Donnelly, B.W. & Ritter, E. Proposal to ServeOhio for funding for Dayton Corps, November 2017, funded.

Bohrer, K. Proposal to Ohio Campus Compact for Facing Project, Ohio Campus Compact, 2016, funded.

Donnelly, B.W. & Russell, W. Proposal to the Ohio Arts Council to fund the United Irish of Dayton Celtic Festival, funded (Annually 2000 through 2018).

Merithew, C., Krane, C., Slade, A., Thomas, P., Dasgupta, S., Sun, Y., and Bohrer, K. Proposal to NEH Humanities Connections Planning Grant to develop and launch an undergraduate certificate program in Humanities and Health Connections (HHC), 2017, funded.

Donnelly, B.W. Data collection and analysis for the evaluation of the ECHO (Empowering Children with Hope and Opportunity) program formally the Urban Child Development Resource Center, University of Dayton, (2012 through 2017).

Donnelly, B. W., Currell, C. Data collection and analysis for the annual “Application for The President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll” (Annually 2011 to 2016).

Fitz, R., Bohrer, K., Brown, S., Murray, A., Schramm, C., Rismiller, L., Washington, V., Wright, D. Educating for Practical Wisdom: An ideal and a journey. Prepared by Habits of Inquiry and Reflection Practical Wisdom Fellows (2016).

Bickford, D., Schramm, C., Eckert, J., Vanderburg, P., and Bohrer, K. Experiential Learning Implementation Team Report, 2015.

Ferguson, R., Bohrer, K., Osting, D. & Donnelly, B.W. Proposal to ServeOhio for funding for YESS AmeriCorps project, funded (July 2014).

Bickford, D., Benson, P., Bobrowski, P., Wallace, C., Pierce, J., and Bohrer, K. Experiential Learning Taskforce Report (May 2013).

Adams, S. M., Weaver, H. R., Ferguson, S. M., Currell, C. “Full Service Community Schools Grant.” Sponsored by Better Way Foundation, funded (2010 - 2012).

Currell, C., Adams, S., Ferguson, S., Weaver, R. "Ready Families, Ready Children Project." Proposal for funding from the Better Way Foundation. Dayton, OH (October, 2012).

Currell, C., Donnelly, B. W. Evaluation and research at A Peace of Mind at Wesley Park: proposal to evaluate the Open Spaces Sacred Spaces grant submitted by Wesley Community Center, Inc. Dayton, OH (July, 2012).

Donnelly, B. W., Currell, C. Literature review on examples of health and wellness activities in schools and partnerships between Health Departments and schools. University of Dayton. (May, 2012).

Donnelly, B. W., Currell, C. Data collection, analysis, and report. "Civic Engagement Workshop Evaluation Feedback” (January, 2012).

Donnelly, B. W. Data collection and analysis for the Association of Marianist Universities. Assessment of Levels of Civic Engagement of Students at Marianist Universities (2009 through 2012).

Donnelly, B. W., Currell, C. Data collection, analysis, and monthly reports on the activities of Neighborhood School Centers' Site Coordinators and Interns. Dayton, OH (2006-2012).



Goodman, H.P. & Donnelly, B. W. “Dayton Corps: The University in Partnership with the City of Dayton.” Ohio Campus Compact annual meeting, August, 2018

Bohrer, K. “Social Justice 101”. Social Justice Symposium: Explorations in Social Justice at The Coretta Scott King Center at Antioch College, 2017

Bohrer, K. “A Human Rights Approach in Research on Service-Learning, Community Engagement, and Advocacy” Discussant. International Association for Research in Service Learning and Community Engagement, 2016

Bohrer, K. “Making, Creating, and Community Application: A two-part collaborative experience.” Co-facilitated a creative catalyst lab from IACT. Imagining America Conference, 2016

Bohrer, K. “Factors Influencing Food Insecurity: Looking beyond food access.” Montgomery County Annual Food Summit, Dayton, OH, 2016

Bohrer, K. “Combatting Food Deserts.” Homefull Conference: Building blocks for a better community, Dayton, OH, 2016

Bohrer, K. “Sustainability and Laudato Si’ for Parishes.” St. Charles Borromeo Parish, Kettering, OH, 2016

Bohrer, K. “Our Common Home: Our Shared Responsibility.” St. Francis Parish, Dayton, OH, 2015

Bohrer, K. “Sustainable Living: A Disciple Cares for the Earth.” Immaculate Conception Parish, 2014


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