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Fitz Center for Leadership in Community

Applied Research and Evaluation

The evaluation research of the Fitz Center for Leadership in Community focuses on the impact of various human service and educational programs.  Researchers of the Fitz Center have been actively involved in the development of effective human service programs to support low-capacity neighborhoods, help fragile families, and aid young people learn all the skills they need for today's complicated world.  Researchers have been involved in the efforts of a number of social service agencies to decrease the chances of homelessness, child maltreatment, and economic distress, while others have sought to increase civic involvement and facilitate a range of neighborhood-initiated projects.

Some of the programs evaluated by the staff of the Center would be considered university programs and are staffed primarily by university students while other programs are based in other community organizations and involve few students. Fitz Center evaluators seek to measure program impact on both the participants and the recipients of any services they provide. Some of the research has focused on initiatives of the University itself while others are designed in partnership with other private or public organizations.

The researchers of the Fitz Center have worked closely on program development, grant writing, assessment, and evaluation for service providers such as the City of Dayton, Catholic Social Services of the Miami Valley, Dayton Public Schools, Dayton and Montgomery County Libraries, St. Vincent de Paul Society, Homefull, Montgomery County Homeless Solutions, Daybreak, and Montgomery County Department of Job and Family Services.


Fitz Center for Leadership in Community

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