The Facing Project

The Facing Project is a community story-telling project that intends to bring awareness about human rights issues and assets of a community to inspire social action. The non-profit started in 2011 in Muncie Indiana and now has several community partners across the country and offices in five cities in Indiana and Georgia. Community partners include city and county agencies, colleges and universities.

About the Facing Project

"Our model guides communities as they enlist a team of writers to be paired one-on-one with citizens who are facing life circumstances that deserve to be shared to better educate the broader community. The pairs meet, get to know each other and share stories of triumph and tragedy, of loneliness and community, of hate and happiness, of deep depression and lofty goals.

The writers will use their talents to take on the voice and persona of their subjects and write as if they were them—in the first person—bringing to life a voice that has been silenced, while keeping the anonymity of the subjects.

All projects culminate with a book to be shared throughout the community."

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"Facing Dayton: Neighborhood Narratives"

With the support from a Ohio Campus Compact grant, the University of Dayton has partnered with Citywide Development and several Dayton neighborhood associations to bring a Facing Project to Dayton. Our project is titled “Facing Dayton: Neighborhood Narratives.” We are collecting stories from community members who have grown up or lived in the Dayton neighborhoods. We want to capture the experience living in Dayton, and the challenges or advantages that go along with it. 

We have multiple courses involving their students as writers for the Facing Project stories. The writers will interview community storytellers in order to tell a story that captures their voice. Some of the courses involved in the project include:

  • ENG 387: Literature and Ethics
  • MPA 561: Nonprofit and Community Leadership
  • ENG 596: Composition Theory
  • ENG 200: Writing Seminar: Community 

Students from the Write Place and from the Center for Social Concern are also independently involved in the project. We are working with community members from multiple Dayton neighborhoods. Some of these neighborhoods include:

  • Twin Towers
  • Five Oaks
  • Walnut Hills
  • Old North Dayton
  • McCook Field
  • Carillon
  • Madden Hills
  • and more!

The stories we collect will be published in a book this summer. We will have public performances during Fall Semester 2017 in a variety of art mediums. 

For more information on “Facing Dayton: Neighborhood Narratives,” contact Alexa Irwin at or at 937-229-4614.

Our writers and storytellers

Photos below are from an event we held on March 7 at the Wright Dunbar Conference Center. This was the first time that all writers and storytellers met. We had pizza, icebreakers, and conversation about our hopes for the project. 

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