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Fitz Center for Leadership in Community

Neighborhood School Centers


The Fitz Center has established a strong partnership with the Neighborhood School Centers (NSCs). NSCs are Dayton Public Schools that are centered on their neighborhoods, serving as healthy places of learning for children and families. Currently, there are five NSCs. They are Cleveland, Edison, Fairview, Kiser, and Ruskin schools.

Students have the ability to volunteer weekly or on a one-time basis at any of the NSCs. Volunteer opportunities include: tutoring, coaching, classroom assistance, afterschool assistance, and mentoring. Weekly volunteers are required to attend an orientation hosted by a CEL team member.

Learn more about volunteering at a Neighborhood School Center >>


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Get to know your Neighborhood School Center.

Both weekly and one-time volunteers should be familiar with their NSC. They should know where to go on their first day, how to get there, and who to contact. See the list below.

Cleveland PreK-6 School

Cleveland PreK-6 School is located at 1102 Pursell Ave. Learn more >>

Edison PreK-6 School

Edison PreK-6 School is located at 228 N. Broadway St. Learn more >>

Fairview PreK-6 School

Fairview PreK-6 School is located at 2314 Elsmere Ave. Learn more >>

Kiser PreK-6 School

Kiser PreK-6 School is located at 1401 Leo St. Learn more >>

Ruskin PreK-6 School

Ruskin PreK-6 School is located at 407 Ambrose Ct. Learn more >>


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