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Fitz Center for Leadership in Community

Edison PreK-8 Volunteer Information


On your first day please go into the main office and sign in. Let the secretary know that you are a University of Dayton volunteer who is scheduled to meet with your NSC site coordinator. At this time you will be introduced to and further oriented by your school's site coordinator.


Each NSC has a full time site coordinator who works with the Fitz Center to place volunteers like you. You will become familiar with school’s site coordinator because this is the person you will contact if you have questions, concerns, or an emergency that requires you to be absent.

Andrew Diamond 
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1. Head west on Stewart St. (toward Edwin C. Moses) 0.7 mi,

2. Turn right on Edwin C. Moses (right after crossing the river) 1.4 mi,

3. Turn left on 3rd Street 0.4  mi,

4. Turn right on Broadway 0.2 mi,

5. Turn right on First St. (The school is on the corner of First and Broadway),

6. Turn left into the parking lot,

7. Arrive at 228 N. Broadway


Dayton Public Schools (DPS) and the University of Dayton (UD) have different academic calendars which results in different closings and delays. Your site coordinator is aware of the UD academic calendar and thus, does not expect you during breaks, holidays, and exam week. Likewise, you should be aware of the DPS academic calendar and refrain from going to your NSC when DPS has a break, holiday, or early dismissal.  Also, volunteers are encouraged to check for DPS closings and delays on days with inclement weather.


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