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Fitz Center for Leadership in Community

Community Partnerships, Engagement, and Outreach

Through Fitz Center programs, students and partners are empowered to think broadly, listen deeply, engage genuinely, act in partnership, and understand the challenges facing urban communities today. A hallmark of all Fitz Center programs is the integration of community partners, students, and faculty through all aspects of the Center’s work. While each program has its own unique identity and purpose, each program connects with and supports other programs and activities in the Fitz Center.


This annual conference features workshops that bring Dayton and Montgomery County citizens together to learn from national speakers, and from one another, ways to revitalize neighborhoods and nurture leadership at its roots. 

Neighborhood School Centers

Neighborhood School Centers are Dayton Public Schools that are centered on their neighborhoods, serving as healthy places of learning for children and families.

Leadership in Building Communities Seminar

A collaboration of the Fitz Center, the departments of political science and sociology, anthropology and social work and the public administration graduate program, this seminar places students within a City of Dayton neighborhood to understand the inner workings of local politics.


Fitz Center for Leadership in Community

1401 S. Main Street
Dayton, Ohio 45409