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Fitz Center for Leadership in Community

The CityLinks Neighborhood Conference:

Building community through education, leadership and partnership.

About the conference

When we talk about effective community engagement, we are describing a process where work in partnerships. Community and civic engagement is on the rise. We must find ways to bring together young people, educators and community and business leaders, to create an environment and opportunity needed to attract and keep the next generation. Come be a part of the process to engage in making changes for the next generation of community engagement.

This annual conference features workshops that bring Dayton and Montgomery County citizens together to learn from national speakers, and from one another, ways to revitalize neighborhoods and nurture leadership at its roots. Vision, perseverance, and sweat are fitting descriptions of the requirements of leading community-based organizations in community building and development strategies. Annual conferences over the past 30 years have stressed the importance of leadership development as a way of engaging the next generation of community leaders in tackling such ongoing issues, as liquor establishments, vacant properties, affordable housing, schools, crime, predatory lending and neighborhood redevelopment.


Fitz Center for Leadership in Community

1401 S. Main Street
Dayton, Ohio 45409