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Theatre, Dance and Performance Technology

2017-18 Productions

Through a large, diverse body of work, the Theatre Program provides a solid academic foundation plus the experience of working in a wide range of theatre productions, including mainstage productions in the Boll Theatre and experimental work in the Black Box Theatre, located on the first floor of Raymond L. Fitz Hall. Our majors are required to audition for roles and participate in each mainstage production for academic credit.


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Improv All-Stars Night for BCT

To Benefit Brighter Connections Theatre

September 29, 8 pm
Boll Theatre, Kennedy Union

The Theatre, Dance, and Performance Technology program partners with Brighter Connections Theatre each summer to offer a theatre camp for youth and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder. This night is a fundraiser for this terrific non-profit, showcasing #Hashtag Comedy Improv from Columbus, Black Box Theatre Improv of Dayton, and UD’s own On the Fly improv student organization, as well as the talented Brighter Connections participants. Come and laugh to support BCT!

… and the greatest of these is LOVE

October 27-28, 8 pm
Black Box Theatre, Fitz Hall

Theatre, Dance, and Performance Technology and the Spectrum student organization present the University of Dayton Dance Ensemble fall dance concert. Join us in the Black Box Theatre for an intimate evening of love in motion. We will relish in the realms of Passion, Expression, Equality, and Spirituality. Movement and dance will explore and radiate all forms of Love; for "three things will last forever--faith, hope, and love--and the greatest of these is love."~1 Corinthians 13:13


November 10 and 11, 8 pm
November 12, 2 pm
Boll Theatre, Kennedy Union

A musical set in 1959 that follows working-class teenagers as they navigate the complexities of growing up. The score recreates the sounds of early rock and roll. This performance is a collaborative production by the Department of Music and the Theatre, Dance, and Performance Technology Program.


Theatre, Dance, and Performance Technology Program and the Human Rights Center partner to bring the guest artist Steve Connell

February 2, 8 pm
Black Box Theatre, Fitz Hall

At a time when the news has been replaced with reality TV, and the less we understand each other, the louder we get, we are suddenly fluent in a language that doesn’t say what we mean. In this era of alternative facts, when we seem to be talking more and saying less each day, highly acclaimed actor, playwright and spoken word artist Steve Connell takes an in-depth look at the world of this moment to figure out what matters, when words no longer do. With private performances for luminaries like Oprah Winfrey and Maya Angelou, and work seen everywhere from Sundance to the White House, from the Kennedy Center to the Public, you don’t want to miss this one night only special event with our guest artist.


Friday, February 23 — Saturday, February 24, 8 pm
February 25, 2 pm
Black Box Theatre, Fitz Hall

It is said that the job of the living is to carry on the unfinished work of the dead. It is clear that there is much for us to do. Pulling from both existing material and original work created within Steve Connell’s guest artist residency, unfinished will examine what it means to be alive right now, and explore what the world demands from us all. In partnership with Theatre, Dance, & Performance Technology and the Human Rights Center, Steve Connell will bring this challenging and inspiring material to life in new and imaginative ways. Borrowing heavily from spoken word, hip hop, comedy and traditional theater, this is a highly entertaining evening that speaks to the importance and beauty of a human voice raised, be it in song, celebration, or protest.


March 23 and 24, 8 pm 
Boll Theatre, Kennedy Union

The annual collaboration between DCDCD2 and the University of Dayton Dance Ensemble, co-produced by the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company and the Theatre, Dance, and Performance Technology Program.


April 20 and 21, 8 pm
April 22, 2 pm
Boll Theatre, Kennedy Union

This world premiere original musical tells the story of the founding of the Marianists, featuring all the major players: Fr. William Joseph Chaminade, Marie-Thérèse de Lamourous, and Mother Adèle de Batz de Trenquelléon. Set during and after the French Revolution, the show tells the story of Fr. Chaminade's courage to do priestly ministry under persecution, Marie-Thérèse's efforts to improve women’s lives, and Adèle's struggle in choosing religion over marriage, while all three collaborated to build communities of faith. The title reminds us of Fr. Chaminade's call to all Marianists to be a "spectacle of saints."


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