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Theatre, Dance and Performance Technology

Dance Ensemble

The UD Dance Ensemble embodies the essence of liberal arts education by providing students with a unique platform to delve deeper into dance's technical and performance aspects. The ensemble offers an enriching opportunity for students to refine their skills and expand their artistic horizons. Ensemble dancers will gain valuable insights and guidance that complement their academic pursuits.

To ensure inclusivity and diversity, the ensemble embraces students from various backgrounds, levels of experience and academic disciplines. The audition process, a gateway to becoming a member, encompasses a comprehensive range of dance styles, such as ballet, jazz, hip-hop, K-pop, eastern cultural dancing, contemporary and improv. It is important to note that one does not need to be a Theater, Dance and Performance Studies major to audition for the ensemble, as the organization welcomes aspiring dancers from all fields of study.

The auditions occur early in the fall and spring semesters, providing ample time for interested students to prepare and showcase their talent. For any questions or clarifications regarding the UD Dance Ensemble, please contact Kisa Li, the director of UDDE, to address questions and help.


Theatre, Dance, and Performance Technology Program

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