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Theatre, Dance and Performance Technology

The Common Good Players

Change Your Campus. Change Your World.

What if you could do more to encourage diversity, inclusion, and equity here at UD and beyond? The Common Good Players is an applied performing arts scholarship program dedicated to using performance for social change. Put your talents in theatre, dance, and music to work making an impact on the things that matter most.

What: The Common Good Players engages campus and civic organizations in performance-driven orientations, seminars, and trainings that tackle major social issues like diversity and equity.

Who: The program is open to students of all backgrounds and majors who have a love of performance and a heart to see the world change. Each student in The Common Good Players will receive a scholarship!

How: Field excursions to cities like Chicago give students hands-on experiential learning opportunities with well-known experts in the field.

Are you ready to join a community of passionate leaders in social justice? Come learn and perform with a diverse group of students who are changing the world through the performing arts. For more information, contact Theatre, Dance, and Performance Technology Program Director Michelle Hayford.



Theatre, Dance, and Performance Technology Program

Fitz Hall
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Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 2945