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Meet Our SEE Minors

The SEE minor is one of the largest minors at the University of Dayton. Our minors are working on majors from all schools at UD, including Accounting, Biology, Communications, Dietetics, Education, Engineering, Finance, Geology, Entrepreneurship, History, Human Rights Studies, International Studies, Marketing, Pre-medicine and more!  We asked some of our minors to share a bit more about why they chose to complete the SEE minor and how they see the minor benefiting them as they look beyond UD. 

Casey LeBrun

My name is Casey LeBrun and I am a senior with a double major in marketing and entrepreneurship as well as a SEE minor. Outside of classroom, I am a River Steward with the Rivers Institute at UD and also am competing in the business plan competition with a sustainable business idea. I am using my SEE minor to build upon my belief that business and environmental conservation can coexist. Upon graduation, I hope to work for a company that uses sustainable business practices and prioritizes the environment when making business decisions.

Megdalene Stirn

My name is Megdalene Stirn and I am a sophomore majoring in mechanical engineering. I am involved with Freshman Year Women in Science and Engineering LLC, EMpwr, River Steward program, and Appalachia Club. UDI 262- sustainability energy Mini-course helped me see the SEE minor in action by taking us around to the community and surrounding areas. I saw successful, award winning sustainable programs, which helped me see how I can incorporate my minor in my career future. I see the SEE minor giving me the perspective I need to be a good engineer. One who creates solutions to the world's increasing problems. I hope to be designing products made of reusable and recycled materials. 

Robert Greene
I'm a senior at UD, civil and environmental engineering major (CEE). I'm from Medina, Ohio. I chose SEE because as a civil engineer I wanted to make a lasting positive impact on the world around me. I always wanted to get a SEE minor ever since it began my sophomore year, but I never thought I would have time given co-ops and the demanding schedule, but I took the right electives and here I am. I have taken Global Environmental Biology BIO 395, Environmental Ethics PHL 321, and I am currently taking Constructions of Place SEE 303, and Sustainability Research SEE 401. I went on an ETHOS immersion to Malawi with two other UD students this summer and worked with Determined to Develop, a nonprofit that focuses on education in rural Malawi. That's where the picture is from. Also the Rubicon creek study. As of this year I am involved with the Determined to Develop club on campus. I hope to go to graduate school and get my masters in civil and environmental engineering with a focus in environmental engineering, especially water. (runoff and treatment) Ideally I want to work as an environmental engineer working on environmental remediation projects.
Amy Parish

I'm a Senior Geology major and SEE minor. I'm currently involved in Sustainability Club, Geology Club, and Optimist Club on campus as well as a TA for Physical Geology Lab (GEO 115L). The classes that I'm taking this semester are Structural Geology, Applied GIS, Intro to Sustainability, Energy, and the Environment, and Environmental Instrumentation Lab (GEO 479L). I've also taken the Sustainability Capstone Course in the past and did research for the feasibility of a Food Hub for Dayton while working with Dayton Partners for the Environment. I've presented at the Stander Symposium in the Spring of 2015 with my fellow classmates in my Religion and Ecology course for the prediction of Pope Francis' Encyclical, Laudato Si, that was released this summer dealing with humanity's environmental impact on the world. As a Geology major I've been fascinated more by the environmental aspect of my field and with my minor I've grown an interest in sustainable and renewable energy practices. I think that it's very important to protect the environment and ensure its longevity for future generations to come and I'm glad that my SEE minor inspires me to do so.

Justin Wampler

My name is Justin Wampler, and I’m a junior majoring in marketing. The SEE classes I’ve taken include the following: SEE 301, SEE 250, and HST 342. I am Co-president of Sustainability Club, and am also involved in Marketing Club, Christmas on Campus Participant, and Planning Committee for Sustainability Week. I envision the SEE minor complementing my major and future employment in terms of providing the foundation to be able to market green initiatives, green technology, and green companies. My passion lies in getting individuals motivated to integrate sustainable practices into the business world.

Mackenzie Fitzpatrick
My name is Mackenzie Fitzpatrick and I’m an International Studies with a concentration in Global Environmental Sustainability and a SEE and Spanish Minor. I am currently Executive Advisor of the Human Rights Week Committee, a member of Epsilon Nu Tau Entrepreneurship Fraternity, and I volunteer at St. Vincent Gateway Shelter. I was also the sustainability intern in 2013-2014 school year. The SEE classes I’ve taken are POL 371, BIO 395, ASI 322, ASI 320, SEE 250, ENG 342, PHL 321, and HST 342. I found POL 371 to be one of my favorite classes because it looked at the politics that help and hinder efforts to improve the environment in the United States. All of these classes were useful for my major since my concentration focuses on sustainability. SEE 250 was a great introduction to the minor and how it relates to my major because it looked at the environment from different perspectives and how it connected to different disciplines.
Rachel Smith

I am a Junior, Communications Major, and involved in CHAARG. I became a SEE minor because I've always had an interest in the environment, it's a passion of mine. I grew up, and continue to be, fascinated by the Animal Planet and nature documentaries . Choosing an SEE minor was a way for me to learn more about a subject I'm always wanting to know more about. Even though I'm a communication major, a SEE minor is useful to me because I want to work for a zoo. Sustainability is a major world issue currently, and I think having the knowledge a SEE minor will give me will become very useful in a wide variety of jobs.

Hannah Scott
I am senior involved in Kappa Delta Sorority, Epsilon Nu Tau Entrepreneurship Fraternity and Colleges Against Cancer. I am a Management Information Systems major with a SEE minor. Sustainability is where my passion lies but I also love MIS so I chose to purse a career in MIS but my goal is to work at a company that focuses on Sustainability, Energy, and the Environment. I was a biology major for 2 years before changing to MIS thinking that the best supplement for SEE would be a science major. However I found that I can best use my talents to support sustainable development with a business major. Although I may not be creating new technology I will be supporting people and a company that have sustainability and the environment at the core of their values and ideals. Taking SEE classes have truly enriched my experience at UD and I feel have bettered me as an individual. I personally feel that SEE could be supplemented with any major because the concepts we learn about in SEE courses can effect all aspects of life. Educating yourself on the environment and energy will benefit you in more than one way and can shape the way you think and the way you learn things in other classes. So far the classes I have taken include SEE 250, SEE 303, ASI 320, SEE 301, REL 472, BIO 409. I've enjoyed every class very much but REL 472 has been my favorite so far. 
Kate Steller

I am studying electrical engineering (in my 5th year) and have already used my major/minor in the work force as an engineer in solar design and asset management. I worked as a co-op at Melink Corporation in Milford OH and now work part time for them still. I am involved in RE-Volv at UD and I am a solar ambassador on campus. I have also been involved with sustainability club in the past (between co-op stints). SEE classes I have taken are: intro to SEE, constructions of place, cities and energy, Christian ethics and the environment, and advanced photovoltaics. 


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