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Meet Our SEE Alumni

The University of Dayton has one of the most connected alumni networks in the country, with a global mission to continue post grad involvement in the UD community. The SEE minor graduates are no exception to this rule, and they report that they continuously apply the skills and knowledge gained through their SEE minor to their careers and adventures after graduation. We asked some of our alumni to share a bit more about what they are doing now, and how the SEE minor has benefited them in their lives beyond UD. 

Anthony Whaley

Academic Program(s):  B.S. Environmental Geology, SEE Minor, Chemistry Minor - Class of 2015

Co-curricular Program(s):  River Steward (2014 Cohort), ETHOS

Current Occupation(s):  Part-time Faculty at the University of Dayton - Department of Geology & Program Coordinator at Great Miami Outfitters.

As a geology, kayak, and backpack instructor, I have the unique opportunity to teach students from all walks of life varying in age from 14 to 70!  And in many of my courses, I incorporate issues surrounding environmental sustainability.  This includes a formal geology lab classroom where students learn about groundwater use and rising sea levels.  But more importantly, learning happens on the water or on the backpacking trail, where we follow Leave No Trace Principles limiting our impact on the natural world where we love to recreate.  I have also implemented Waste Free Programs at Great Miami Outfitters.  Now all of classes, courses, and trips are waste free.  This means that we reduce waste, re-use what we can, then recycle or compost the rest.  I believe educating all of my students on environmental sustainability issues is imperative as our global society learns to function within a changing climate.

Megan Guy
My name is Megan Guy. I graduated from UD in 2015 with a Geology major and a SEE minor. UD has so many great programs to be involved in, and I personally believe that this is one of the best. The SEE minor helps create an interdisciplinary mindset for students to find ways to tackle real world problems. I was able to take what I learned in classes and apply it to a capstone where we completed a reforestation project with urban youth through the River Stewards Program. Completing the SEE minor at UD has allowed me amazing job opportunities from Alaska to New Hampshire. It has inspired to make a difference in the environmental world and I couldn't be more thankful!

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