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Sustainability Program

Sustainability is everybody's business

The Sustainability Program at the University of Dayton provides students an understanding and appreciation of the interdisciplinary aspects of sustainability, energy and the environment. Our goal is to equip students with tools to implement sustainability in their careers. For the latest news, click here for the Hanley Sustainability blog.


Academic Programs

Approved in Spring 2019, and beginning in Fall 2019, students can choose from the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science in Sustainability.

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The Sustainability, Energy, and the Environment (SEE) Minor at the University of Dayton strives to provide (students) a deep understanding and appreciation of the interdisciplinary aspects of sustainability, energy, and the environment and to equip students with the tools to implement sustainability in their careers – here at UD and beyond. Students in the SEE program engage with faculty, staff, peers, student organizations, and local community partners to achieve hands-on experience through integrative learning, research, service, and community events.

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Students earning the Certificate in Sustainability (SUS) take two sustainability courses: Foundations in Sustainability and Applied Sustainability. They also choose six semester hours of coursework from the social sciences, the physical sciences and engineering, allowing them to custom fit the certificate to their personal and professional goals and needs.

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I don’t think you can find a major – whether bachelor of science or bachelor of arts or in any of the schools – that is as integrative and innovative as this one.

Rebecca Potter

Director, Sustainability Program

In the News
University of Dayton joins Second Nature commitment affirming higher ed's role in shaping climate-resilient communities

University of Dayton President Eric F. Spina signed Second Nature's Resilience Commitment focused on climate adaptation and community-building to address a changing climate and resulting extremes. 

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Sustainability 09.17.19
Sustainability at UD: A major opportunity

Emily Skill graduated in 2017 from the University of Dayton with a bachelor’s degree in geology and a minor in sustainability, energy and the environment. She heard then that a major in sustainability may be in the works. This fall, it’s happening.

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Sustainability 09.23.19
Students call for personal action during climate strike

Organizers of the on-campus event to observe the Global Climate Strike Sept. 20 wanted their chants and written messages to turn into personal and transformative action. “We aren’t just here holding up signs. We aren’t here just telling stories,” said organizer Jared Marsh, who is pursuing a bachelor's degree in human rights studies. “We’re here to start taking pledges, commitments, start making the change.”

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Sustainability 08.08.19
Solar prairie blooms into a 'living laboratory'

In less than two years, the University of Dayton has transformed the front lawn of Daniel J. Curran Place into a “living laboratory” dedicated to sustainability. A solar array was installed in 2018 and a pollinator prairie was planted under those panels this spring. Those projects work hand in hand, according to Hanley Sustainability Institute student leader Elise Erhart. The solar prairie is the among the first in Ohio.

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Sustainability Studies Program

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