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Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work

Student Research

Research is a central component of the student experience in the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work. All sociology majors take a research methods course (SOC 408) and data analysis course (SOC 308) and complete a capstone research project. Students in all of our minors have the opportunity to participate in research through class projects. Our faculty also supervise undergraduate research through assistantships and fellowships.

Sociology Senior Capstone Research Projects

As the culmination of their studies, sociology majors design, conduct and present findings from their own independent research. This year-long project is completed through two courses taken during senior year- SOC 408 in the fall and SOC 409 in the spring - and is conducted under the supervision of a faculty advisor. Students produce a full research paper and present their findings at the annual Stander Symposium.

Sociology majors select their own topics of interest for their capstone projects and use a variety of research methods including surveys, qualitative interviews, program assessments, content analysis, quantitative data analysis and more.

Faculty-mentored research

Our students also have the opportunity to conduct research under the guidance of faculty through research assistantships and fellowships. Faculty work one-on-one with students to train them in various research methodologies and supervise data collection and analysis. These research partnerships may also continue through presentation of findings at professional conferences and submission of manuscripts to academic journals.

Follow the links below to read about recent faculty-mentored undergraduate research.

In the News: Student Research
Research 01.27.20

University of Dayton junior Katie Gross was struck by an experience she had at an exhibit that featured stories from Dayton community members, along with their portraits. Influenced by not only their words, but also their images, she wondered if science could prove the impact of photographs on human perception. Working with a faculty mentor, she developed a study to determine whether including a photo with a narrative influences the way people see another person and process their story.

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Human Rights 08.18.20

Drawing upon court observations conducted just after the height of the family separation crisis, UDSL alumna Sara French recounts her time along the U.S.-Mexico border and the injustices she observed in immigration court. In this blog post, she argues that the U.S. government has built a policy wall  by  slowly and successfully dismantling the immigration system in the United States, violating international human rights law.

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