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Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work

Global Encounters

Fostering and facilitating immersive global learning experiences is a distinctive and core feature of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work at UD. As a department committed to social justice, our primary interest lies in teaching students to understand, through direct and personal encounters, those in the global margins, ranging from the urban poor in India struggling for water in the era of water privatization, youth in El Salvador facing police brutality, to indigenous peoples in the Yucatan peninsula displaced by tourism.

We offer a transformative experiential learning opportunity by enhancing specific courses with a short term global immersive travel. For example, students enrolled in ANT 325 Anthropology of Human Rights completed an immersion trip to El Salvador, facilitated jointly by Dr. MIranda Hallett, the Center for Social Concern, and CRISPAZ, an NGO in San Salvador. Also, students enrolled in ANT 315 Language and Culture participated in a trip to Mexico with Dr. Stephanie Litka and the Center for International Programs.

Please contact an anthropology faculty member for more information about this program.


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