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Religious Studies

Minor in Religions and Professional Practice

Would it help your career to be the one in your workplace who knows something about religion and ethics? Whether your field is international or domestic business, communication, medicine, law, public service, sociology, the arts, engineering, etc. – the minor in religions and professional practice program will strengthen your ability to practice your profession with greater understanding and appreciation for the perspectives, values, and contributions of persons who have a religious faith, whether co-workers, customers, clients, or community members.

This minor is 15 semester hours, which includes a course in a non-Christian religion, a professional ethics course taught in the REL department, and three electives.

A minor to complement any major

Students from any major choosing the minor in religions and professional practice can work with an advisor in the Department of Religious Studies to make course selections most in keeping with their needs and interests. This list only suggests elective courses of potential interest for selected majors; other majors will find courses of interest offered by the department.

  • Pre-Medicine or any health-related fields: Consider REL 214, "Magic, Medicine, or Miracles: Disability in the Ancient World, the Bible, and Today," as well as REL 343, "Theology of Humanity, Sexuality, and Marriage."
  • Communications, Political Science, or Pre-Law: Consider REL 328, "United States Catholic Experience," and REL 329, "African American Religions," could serve their interests.
  • Engineering, biology, or other science majors: Consider REL 375, "Religion and Science," or REL 472, "Ecology and Religion."
  • Visual arts or art history: Consider REL 374, "Visual and Material Cultures of Religion," and REL 379, "Sustaining Art and Faith."
  • International Studies or Business: Consider REL 378, "Religion, Society and Global Cinema," REL 474, "Women and the Global Church," and REL 475, "Theology of Inculturation."

Graduate Programs in Religious Studies

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