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Religious Studies

Collection of Recent Dissertation Titles

Student Name: Dissertation Title, Year Completed

Louis T. Albarran: The Face of God at the End of the Road: Mexican Catholic Devotionalism and the Sacramentality of Jack Kerouac, 2013

Gary Bruce Agee: A Cry for Justice: Daniel A. Rudd's Ecclesiologically-Centered Vision of Justice in the American Catholic Tribune, 2008

Wesley J. Arblaster: A Semblance of Things Unseen: Damaged Experience and Aesthetic Recovery in Theodor Adorno and Hans Urs Von Balthasar, 2017

Matthew D. Archer: Proclaiming Christ: Thomas Aquinas and Karl Barth on Chalcedon, 2015

Andrew D. Black: Crisis of Concreteness: John W. Nevin, the Mercersburg Theology, and the Church Question, 2013

Joshua R. Brown: Incorporating Xiao : Exploring Christ's Filial Obedience Through Hans Urs Von Balthasar and Early Confucian Philosophy, 2016

Mary Jude Brown: Souls in the Balance: The "Heresy Affair" at the University of Dayton, 1960-67, 2003

Isabel Caridad Fernandez: For the Welfare of the City: Disciples & Citizens, A Case Study in Congregation-Based Community Organization, 2007

Damian M. Costello: Honor and Caritas: Bortolome de las Casas, Soldiers of Fortune and the Conquest of the Americas, 2013

Michael D. Cox: Grammar and Glory: Eastern Orthodoxy, the 'Resolute' Wittgenstein, and the Theology of Rowan Williams, 2015

Coleman Fannin: From Churches in Cultural Captivity to the Church Incarnate in a Culture: Ecclesial Mediation after the Dissolution of the Southern Baptist Subculture, 2014

Timothy J. Furry: From Past to Present and Beyond: The Venerable Bede, Figural Exegesis, and Historical Theology, 2011

Timothy R. Gabrielli: Solidarity and Mediation in the French Social-Liturgical Stream of Mystical Body Theology, 2014

Susanna L. Cantu Gregory: Associates of Iowa Cistercians and Presentation Associate Partners 1987-2012: An Ecclesiological Investigation, 2014

Derek Christopher Hatch: E.Y. Mullins, George W. Truett, and a Baptist Theology of Nature and Grace, 2011

Benjamin E. Heidgerken: The Christ and the Tempter: Christ's Temptation by the Devil in the Thought of St. Maximus the Confessor and St. Thomas Aquinas,  2015

Jason A. Hentschel: Evangelicals, Inerrancy, and the Quest for Certainty: Making Sense of Our Battles for the Bible, 2015

Jason A. Heron:  The Analogia Communitatis: Leo XIII and the Modern Quest for Fraternity, 2016

Joseph Harry Jacobs: The Last Modernist? The Spiritual Vision of Maude Dominica Petre, 2003

Aaron James: Analogous Uses of Language, Eucharistic Identity, and the Baptist Vision, 2010

Satish Anthony Joseph: Globalization and Militant Hindu Nationalism: The New Context for Theology in India, 2009

Michael F. Lombardo: Founding Father: John J. Wynn, S.J., and the Inculturation of American Catholicism in the Progressive Era, 2014

Jonathan Anthony Malone: Changed, Set Apart, and Equal: A Study of Ordination in the Baptist Context, 2011

Daniel E. Martin: Institutional Innovator: Sargent Shriver's Life as an Enagaged Catholic and as an Active Liberal, 2016

Scott C. McDaniel: Of Mountain Flesh: Space, Religion, and the Creatureliness of Appalachia, 2018

Emily H. McGowin, As for Me and My House: The Theology of the Family in the American Quiverfull Movement, 2015

Justin J. Menno, Sociology and Sanctity: Paul Hanly Furfey, Franz Mueller, and Luigi Sturzo on "Supernatural Sociology," A Transatlantic Debate, 1928-1946, 2017

Vernon Joseph Meyer: This Far By Faith - The History of Black Catholics in Phoenix, Arizona, 1868-2003, 2004

Herbert D. Miller: Enacting Theology, Americanism, and Friendship: The 1837 Debate on Roman Catholicism Between Alexander Campbell and Bishop John Purcell, 2015

Jeffrey Lawrence Morrow: Evangelical Catholics and Catholic Biblical Scholarship: An Examination of Scott Hahn's Canonical, Liturgical, and Covenantal Biblical Exegesis, 2007

Benjamin Tyler Peters: John Hugo and an American Catholic Theology of Nature and Grace, 2011

Brian R. Peterson: Ancient Voices: The Church Fathers in Ecumenical Conversation, 2012

Biff D. Rocha: "De Concilio's Catechism," Catechists, and the History of the Baltimore Catechism, 2013

Susan K. Sack: Teilhard in America: The 1960s, the Counterculture and Vatican II, 2014

Katherine G. Schmidt: Virtual Communion: Theology of the Internet and the Catholic Imagination, 2016

Phyllis Howser Scholp, The Personal is the Theological: Rosemary Radford Ruether's Practical Theology as Social Critique, 2017

Matthew Allen Shadle: A New Catholic Approach to Understanding the Origins of War, 2007

Ethan D. Smith: The Praise of Glory: Apophatic Theology as Transformational Mysticism, 2017


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