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Religious Studies

Online M.A. and Certificate Programs in 
Theological Studies and Pastoral Ministry

Online MA

The University of Dayton’s Online M.A. and Certificate Programs in Pastoral Ministry and Theological Studies include a hybrid option that welcomes students from across the country into synchronous classes with residential students. Together, they form an authentic community of learners.

UD campus

"The synchronous hybrid model integrates the distance learners into the community of students who attend classes on-campus. Distance students take part in the same conversations and turn in assignments on the same calendar as campus students, so no student has to go it alone as they work toward their degree even if they are on the other side of the country."

                                                        Dr. Laurie Eloe, faculty member, Religious Studies

What our students have to say about the Online M.A. programs

“I wouldn't be able to easily pursue this Master's degree without the hybrid option, as I live over 1,000 miles away from Dayton. We have a great cohort - those who are 'Roomers' (resident students) are always making the extra attempt to include those of us who are 'zoomers' (distance-learning students). A few of us out-of-state students were able to converge on Dayton last semester for a few days, which further bonded our cohort."

"I had been looking for a few years at Dayton's M.A. program. Never could justify the commuting travel. When this opportunity came up, it was like a dream come true."

"The hybrid program at the University of Dayton is excellent. I love the live classes and the fellowship it brings to our cohort. The standard of technology is high. Video and audio are clear as rooms are specifically set up with this model in mind. You truly feel like a part of the classroom environment."


Graduate Programs in Religious Studies

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