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Religious Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies

Discover, explore and analyze religious traditions in their various manifestations. Through religious studies, you will explore how humans reason about the divine and how they order their lives in relation to it. Your studies will not only deepen your own beliefs, but also promote dialogue between various religious perspectives.

Program Details

The mission of the Department of Religious Studies is to discover, explore and analyze religious experience in its various manifestations, emphasizing the Roman Catholic tradition in dialogue with the other Christian traditions and with the world religions.

Program Outcomes

Through teaching, research, critical thinking and action, the Department of Religious Studies aims to understand and explain the Roman Catholic tradition, in dialogue with other Christian traditions and other religions. In the ecumenical spirit of Vatican II, you’ll also have the opportunity to learn about other faith traditions — from Judaism to Islam to Buddhism.

As a religious studies major, you can tailor the program based on your interests by selecting one of five tracks. In the ministry track, you can train for a career as a pastoral associate, youth minister or parish religious educator in a Christian church. Through the Catholic schools track, you can prepare to teach religion in elementary or secondary schools. With the graduate school preparation track, you can gain the knowledge you need to pursue graduate studies in Christian theology, systematics, church history or ethics. The world religions track offers you the foundation you need for additional studies in religions other than Christianity. The general track allows you to broaden your horizons by exploring religious studies.

Religious faith crosses cultural and national boundaries. Dialogue with other Christians and people of other faiths is essential to our discipline. In order to prepare you for work in our global society, you will also complete a language requirement. You may satisfy the requirement by taking a proficiency examination, completing an intermediate-level language course or participating in an approved education abroad experience.


Department of Religious Studies

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