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Race and Ethnic Studies

Minor in Race and Social Justice (RSJ)

The Race and Social Justice minor is designed to develop students’ intercultural competencies by focusing primarily on the experiences of domestic racial and ethnic populations. By giving students the awareness, context, and theory necessary to help them engage racial issues in a thoughtful and respectful manner, students will develop an understanding of systemic impact of race on American life, as well as the way race functions as a social construct, one directly connected to systems of power and privilege. 

The minor consists of 15 semester hours, 9 of which will come from completing one course that fulfills each of the following three SLOs, with the remaining 6 semester hours being electives of their choice.

SLO 1 Awareness: Demonstrating the critical vocabulary necessary to discuss race, gender, sexuality, and other intersectional dimensions of difference in a productive and respectful manner in conjunction with the cultural, social, and historical contexts producing these conditions.

SLO 2 Context: Understanding the specific issues facing different non-dominant groups, and exploring the way race influences ways of being and living in the world while also understanding the way that intersections of race, class, gender, sexuality, etc. complicate assumptions of race, both experientially and abstractly.

SLO 3 Theory: Learning the theories and methods of different academic disciplines in regards to race and racial thought as a means to understand the way systemic racial inequity functions across the entire spectrum of human activity, be it socially, politically, economically, or historically, to name but a few.

Students will gain insight on the experiences of American-based domestic racial and ethnic populations, learning to better incorporate race into the larger social justice mission of the Marianist charism, and to also better value the diversity of cultural experiences that make up American life.


Race and Ethnic Studies Program