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Race and Ethnic Studies

The Native Peoples of the Americas Colloquium

The Native Peoples of the Americas Colloquium is an annual gathering that shines light on Indigenous Peoples’ history, culture and spirituality through presentations, films, performances and workshops. The Native Peoples of the Americas Colloquium is coordinated by a planning committee of University faculty and staff, and local indigenous scholars and activists. Mary Anne Angel founded Circle of Light, which launched the Colloquium, in 2000.

NPAC 2022: Embodied Knowledges: Indigenous Ways of Being, Thinking and Doing

Decolonizing Your Pantry

Every time we walk into a grocery store, we make a series of decisions that impact everything, from our bodies and minds to the air we breathe and the soil we walk upon. Colonial food systems provide lots of calories, but they are deficient in spiritual and emotional nourishment and they lack any connection to land and people. Food sovereignty is a vitally important movement that asks us to think about the systems that are supported by our grocery purchases. Join Luke and Linda Black Elk as they discuss simple and efficient ways to begin the process of decolonization on the path to food sovereignty.

Language Revitalization & Gender Diversity

Join Kai Minosh Pyle (right) and Awanigiizhik Bruce (left) for a conversation regarding their efforts to reclaim space in their languages for gender diversity. In addition to sharing specific Two-Spirit language and historical knowledge, they will discuss their process and journeys in reclaiming these teachings and the ways they have tried to spread what they have learned to other community members. Drawing on what they have learned over the years, they will offer stories to show why talking openly about gender diversity in language revitalization movements is critical for Indigenous nations to thrive.


Race and Ethnic Studies Program