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Race and Ethnic Studies

Minor in Latinx and Latin American Studies

The minor in Latinx and Latin American Studies offers interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches to the study of these identities and their complex socio-historical contexts. Through its courses, the minor encourages service at the local, national and global level. The minor is interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary and structured to incorporate teaching and research methodologies and materials from various disciplines in the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, other schools throughout the university, as well as non-disciplinary knowledge formations independent of university sites.

The Latinx and Latin American Studies minor requires 15 semester hours. It must include one approved "Special Topics" or "Independent Study" course from an appropriate discipline and 12 semester hours in upper division courses (300-level or above) from a minimum of three different disciplines.

The minor prepares distinctive graduates to develop and use analytical skills and approaches to understand historical and contemporary issues associated with the experiences of Latinas/os and Latin Americans across space and time.


Race and Ethnic Studies Program