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Overview of the Experimental Psychology Program

The Master's program in experimental psychology at the University of Dayton is designed to prepare students for advanced graduate studies in psychology. Our goal is to provide students with extensive experience so that they are in an excellent position when applying to Ph.D. programs in psychology. To this end, the program is focused on developing basic and advanced research skills via a modern scientific approach to the study of psychology. The program stresses both collaborative and independent research project development and the curriculum provides a solid methodological background through a two-semester sequence in experimental design and statistics, a course in history and systems, and an advanced research methods course that provides individualized and "hands on" exposure to the research process.

Students deepen their knowledge of the field by taking a series of core courses in social, cognitive, and developmental psychology, including courses that focus on current research topics in psychological science (recent offerings have included cognitive neuroscience and forensic psychology).

Independent research, in addition to collaborative research with the faculty, is strongly encouraged throughout the program. Faculty research interests include topics in social, cognitive, developmental, and personality psychology. More specifically, faculty actively investigate topics such as: the factors affecting eye witness identification; aesthetic preferences (e.g. the illusory effects of color); memory improvement (e.g., mnemonic techniques in learning foreign vocabulary); use of visual displays in facilitating cognitive processing; interpersonal relationships; the role of growth in framing personal life stories; and self attributions concerning personal ability - to list just a few.

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There are ample facilities for doing psychological research, including laboratories equipped with computers and equipment for collecting physiological and behavioral data, and specialized research facilities such as sound-isolated observation rooms with intercoms. Graduate research assistantships that cover the cost of attendance (and money for living expenses) are available each year on a competitive basis.

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