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Clinical Psychology Program Core Faculty

Because of our large number of faculty with productive research programs, we are able to offer research opportunities organized by five distinct themes:

  1. Biopsychology, Neuropsychology, or Health Psychology (BIO)
  2. Child or Developmental (CD)
  3. Cognition and Perception (CP)
  4. Community Psychology (COM)
  5. Social Behavior and Personality (SOC)

The availability of these research concentrations not only allows for students to work with multiple faculty members in different research domains, but to develop expertise within a larger area of psychological research. These themes cut across the two programs, and therefore, working with faculty outside of one’s chosen program is often possible.

Lucy J. Allbaugh, Ph.D.

Miami University

Interests: Interpersonal violence (childhood maltreatment, intimate partner violence); resilience; safe, stable, and nurturing interpersonal relationships; mindfulness-based interventions for survivors of trauma. CLINICAL - SOC, COM.

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Lee Dixon, Ph.D.

University of Tennessee

Interests: Interpersonal relationships; forgiveness; self-forgiveness; commitment; relationship satisfaction; religious orientation; attachment style; relationship-contingent self-esteem. CLINICAL-SOC.

Jackson Goodnight, Ph.D.

Indiana University

Interests: Youth conduct problems; temperament and personality; parent and peer influence; socio-contextual disadvantage. CLINICAL-CD.

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Keri Brown Kirschman, Ph.D.

University of Kansas

Interests: Pediatric psychology; injury prevention and health promotion; psychosocial aspects of burn injury; clinical child psychology. CLINICAL-CD; BIO.

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Carolyn Roecker Phelps, Ph.D.

University of Iowa

Interests: Children's aggression and strategies for coping with aggression by peers, sexual revictimization; family conflict; childhood psychopathology. Currently on administrative leave, and therefore, not supervising new master's thesis students. CLINICAL-CD.

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Roger Reeb, Ph.D.

Virginia Commonwealth University

Interests: Psychopathology, stress and coping; homelessness; self-efficacy theory; health psychology; interdisciplinary participatory community action research; service-learning pedagogy. CLINICAL-COM, BIO.

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Julie Walsh-Messinger, Ph.D.

Long Island University

Interests: Emotion processing in serious and persistent mental illness; negative symptoms; olfaction; sex differences in psychopathology; epigenetics; cognitive and personality assessment. CLINICAL-BIO.


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Catherine Lutz Zois, Ph.D.

Wayne State University

Interests: Psychopathy and cluster B personality disorders; intimate partner violence; self-compassion.  CLINICAL-SOC; COM.

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