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Premedical Programs

Resources for Applying to Health Professional School (HPS)

The Premedical Programs Office (PPO) provides guidance, resources, and support for all majors across campus who are interested in applying to health professional school (HPS).  The application process taking considerable organization and planning.  The PPO provides guidance throughout the process through our series of three application workshops held throughout the academic year.

Preparing for the application process:

Applicants want to honestly assess the competitiveness of their applications in terms of academics, standardized admissions test results, and the breadth and depth of their co-curricular activities and service.   Applicants should also attend the application workshop series that guides them through the process.  There are three application workshops held throughout the academic year:

  • September - Professional School Application Planning Workshop: Planning for the application process to medical school or dental school.  Click on this link to access the powerpoint presentation from this workshop.
  • January - Professional School Application Process Workshop:  The composite letter process, obtaining letters of evaluation (LOE), and the PPO’s on-line portal
  • April - Professional School Application Process Workshop:  Next steps in the application process:  the centralized service application and summer plans

The AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) posts a free online guide that can assist you in your self-assessment.  It can be accessed through their website and a pdf version is available under our Additional Resources section towards the bottom of this page. 

Composite Letters:

Students applying to HPS that accept composite letters as part of the primary application will be assisted in this process by the PPO.  Detailed information about this process can be found on our request for evaluation page.  Application workshops are held three times during the academic year to assist students with the process of applying to medical school or dental school and using the composite letter process.


The Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) is a standardized test required for admission to the majority of medical school programs.  The MCAT will also be accepted by specific masters and graduate programs.  The PPO has developed a course mapping tool that aligns the content of UD courses with the content covered on the MCAT.  This is a valuable resource in aiding students as they select their coursework prior to taking the MCAT.  This tool is called “Roadmap to the MCAT” and can be accessed on our “Roadmap to the MCAT” page.

Mock Interviews:

After submitting applications, students may hear back from interested programs and receive an invitation to interview.  At this stage, the PPO coordinates with Career Services to offer mock interviews for medical, dental, and PA school for those applicants that have received an interview offer from a HPS.  The preparation for this stage of the application process can be an exciting yet stressful time.  Seeing a medical mock interview and the types of questions that are asked can be helpful. 

Additional Resources

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Premedical Programs

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