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Premedical Programs

The Eleanora S. Everhard Scholarship

This private scholarship was established by Eleanora S. Everhard in memory of her parents, Aaron and Ann Vennette Everhard and is administered by The Dayton Foundation. The original fund was established in 1933. This scholarship is limited to one academic year only, and is not renewable. Preference for the Everhard Scholarships is given to females who are in a premedical curriculum.

The Dr. Stephen E. and June H. Szabo Scholarship

This scholarship was established through a gift from the estates of Dr. Stephen E. and June H. Szabo in 1999. Dr. Szabo graduated from the University of Dayton in 1935 majoring in Pre-Dentistry. Professionally, Dr. Szabo was a well-respected oral surgeon in the Dayton area. During his practice, which spanned over 50 years, he fought and paved the way for all oral surgeons in and around the Dayton area to have privileges to operate in all the hospitals. As a result of his efforts, he was on the staff of every hospital in Dayton.

Carl I. Michaelis Scholarship

This scholarship was established through a gift from the estate of Dr. Carl I. Michaelis in 2001. Dr. Michaelis was a Professor of Chemistry whose teaching career began in 1954 at UD and spanned 36 years. Among numerous awards, Michaelis was recognized as Professor of the Year and was runner-up for the Alumni Outstanding Faculty Award in 1963. In 1987 he was nominated for Distinguished Service Professor and was appointed professor emeritus in 1988.

As well as teaching, Michaelis advised premedical and predental students and served as the faculty advisor for the student affiliate of the American Chemical Society for 33 years.


Premedical Programs

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