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Request for Evaluation

Most medical and dental schools will accept a composite letter in place of individual letters of evaluation. A composite letter combines the evaluations from several sources and presents a well-rounded and holistic view of the medical or dental school applicant. The Premedical Programs Office assists students in this process by providing an on-line portal to submit requests for evaluation from individual University of Dayton faculty and staff and submitting the composite letter on the student’s behalf. 

Our on-line process requires that students provide some information such as an autobiography and co-curricular activities through this portal in order to assist their letter writers.  Individual letters of evaluation will then be used as the basis for the Premed advisors to write a composite letter that is then submitted by the Premedical Programs Office as part of the students’ on-line primary application to medical or dental school.

Current UD students who are considering applying to medical or dental school should our application workshop series which begins with considering what makes a competitive applicant and then takes you through the composite letter process and submitting your primary applications to medical or dental school.

After you have attended the first two workshops in the application workshop series, you will be familiar with how to request individual letters of evaluation (LOE) from university faculty and staff the process for submission of your on-line supporting materials.  The on-line portal for the composite letter process can accessed at the link below.

Evaluation Forms

Access to the faculty/staff and student forms below require University Login.

Faculty and Staff: Composite Evaluation Process Evaluator Page >

Students: Premedical Programs Request for Evaluation >


Procedure for Acquiring a Composite Letter - 2021

You should identify 4-7 faculty or University staff to include as evaluators. It is valuable to include at least a few science faculty. Do not include graduate students or your advisor. Contact the faculty that you would like to write an evaluation for you. It is recommended that you set up a time to meet with each individual and ask them at this meeting if he or she would be willing to be an evaluator for your application to (medical, dental, etc.) school. Ask the evaluator to complete and sign two copies of Evaluation Request Form Letter (see last page). The evaluator keeps one copy and you collect the other.

Complete the online “Request for Evaluation” forms at Premedical Programs Request for Evaluation. Forms will be found under “Request for Evaluation” link. (Novell login required)

The following forms must be submitted online:
  • Establish Record - identifying information used to create a record for you.
  • Contact Information
  • Identify Evaluators - identify 4 to 7 instructors (do not include your advisors) from whom you wish to have evaluations. You will need to visit with all of the evaluators and present an evaluation request form for them to sign. Note: Non-academic job appraisals  and character references are NOT included in this recommendation process.

You are asked to give permission for the Premedical Programs Office to do the following:

  1. Share your transcripts with evaluators;
  2. Share your recommendation materials with the professional schools to which you are applying;
  3. Share your MCAT/DAT score with your premed advisor

You are also asked to designate whether you waive or do not waive your right to access the materials in your file. Your evaluators do expect you to waive this right, and that you will not see their evaluation.


You will identify your involvement in organizations, jobs, volunteer work, etc..


A narrative description of your personal journey that leads you to the point of applying to medical/dental/health professional school. This can be considered your "first draft" of your personal statement that you will submit to your schools. It is used to help your letter writers get to know you better so they can talk about you effectively in their letter of evaluation. 



Once you have submitted your Request for Evaluation through the web you must return to the Premedical Programs Office after THREE working days to pick up the completed Request for Evaluation Form which will be generated from the electronic data you submitted. CHECK THE INFORMATION IN THE FORM FOR ACCURACY. If you are satisfied with the information in the Request for Evaluation form, take this form to your premedical advisor, have it reviewed by the advisor and signed at the bottom. You must also sign this form. BRING THE SIGNED FORM BACK TO THE PREMEDICAL PROGRAMS OFFICE with your signed Evaluation Form Letters. The form will not be accepted by the Premedical Programs Office if it is not signed by you and your advisor.

Turn in to the PPO:

  1. Signed Evaluation Request Form Letters from each of your evaluators.
  2. Request for Evaluation Form signed by student and advisor.

The applicant must deliver these materials personally to Susan Cuttone or a student worker in the Premedical Programs Office (SC 375). Do not return the forms to an individual advisor. Do not place the packet under the Premedical Programs Office door. 

The deadline for the return of these materials is March 22, 2021. This gives the Premedical Programs Office staff time to distribute the information to the evaluators before they leave campus for the summer. 

Important Note: Turn your information in as early as you can. First In - First Out - in other words, those applications that come in early have the best chance of having a quick turnaround. 


The information you turn in will be checked for completeness before it is accepted by the PPO. You might find a line of people at the PPO if you wait until the last minute. 


You can begin applying to the medical and dental schools through their centralized services in early June. At this point you will complete your last steps required to get your composite letter packet to your schools. While we ask for an INITIAL list of schools in your online Request for Evaluation, you probably will not decide for sure where to apply until you get your MCAT/DAT score. Once you make this decision, it is important that you submit on-line your FInal Schools list at The Premedical Programs Office cannot forward your advisor's composite recommendation without this final list of schools, which includes your application service ID number. If you are applying through more than one application service (Ex. AMCAS and AACOMAS) submit only one final schools list which includes all allopathic and all osteopathic schools to which you are applying. This submission of your final schools list is considered to be your final submission of schools. Do not submit multiple times. 

If you are a medical school applicant applying to MD schools, after you submit your AMCAS application, you must provide the Premedical Programs Office with the AMCAS Letter Request form (which is emailed to you as part of your online application). List on this online form only the name of your Premedical Advisor and indicate the letter is a committee (or composite) letter. Scan and email the form to the Premedical Programs Office at NOTE: The Premedical Programs Office cannot forward your advisor's composite recommendation without this AMCAS form.

If you are applying to dental school: List on the AADSAS Application the premed advisor as the committee or composite letter writer with the premed email of: AADSAS will send an email to the advisor at requesting the letter be submitted to the on-line site listed in the AADSAS email.

If you are having off campus references submit a letter of evaluation, you will contact your off-campus letter writers to provide them with the application service directions to submit their letters directly to the application service. The Premedical Programs Office will not be forwarding off campus letters.

Inform the Premedical Programs Office PROMPTLY when you receive any and all of the following:

  • Your first invitation to submit a secondary application
  • Invitations for interviews
  • Acceptances 

Note: If you need to make any changes throughout this process, these changes must be submitted to the Premedical Programs Office in writing. You can email If we have a need to contact you once classes have ended, we will use your UD email address you provided in the Request for Evaluation form. 

What the PPO Does:
Processes your Request for Evaluation packet
  • Submits your Request for Evaluation to each evaluator during April.
  • Collects and tabulates your UD evaluations returned to the PPO.
  • The evaluations are assembled by the PPO throughout the summer.
  • When all of your evaluations have been returned, the evaluations are assembled and uploaded to your advisor for writing the composite recommendation letter. 
Prepares your composite recommendation packet 
  • After your advisor returns the composite recommendation letter to the Premedical Programs Office, the Premedical Programs Office prepares the composite packet for the advisor to sign. Your advisor is contacted to sign the packet. After your advisor signs, the Premedical Programs Office uploads your composite recommendation packet to health professional application site (AMCAS, AACOMAS, AADSAS) you are registered. 
  • The goal of the Premedical Programs Office is to begin uploading composite recommendation packets Mid-July through September. In general, the composite recommendation letter should be uploaded as soon as an applicant receives a secondary application. The composite recommendation packet for an EDP applicant must be uploaded in July before the August 1st deadline. 
What the PPO Does NOT Do:
  • Forward transcripts to the professional schools
  • Contact application services for questions about their processes and procedures
  • Contact off-campus evaluators for "late" letters of support
  • Schedule exams



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