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Premedical Programs

Program outcomes

The Premedical Programs Office (PPO) compiles and summarizes the applicant and acceptance data on UD students who apply to medical, dental, and physician assistant schools. These program outcomes provide important guidance to current applicants when assessing the strength of their applications in terms of GPA and admission tests. The acceptance data is also used by the PPO to advise students in terms of programs to consider when applying the health professional programs.

The PPO also conducts an annual senior survey to elicit feedback from premed and predental graduates. The results of this survey are carefully reviewed in order to make sure that the programs and support that we are offering our students are effective in meeting their needs. 

Acceptance Statistics


of UD students applying to medical school over the past five years were accepted. 80% of 2020 applicants were accepted.


of UD students applying to dental school were accepted over the past five years.


of UD students applying to PA school in 2019 were accepted.

2019 Premed/Preden Senior Survey


participated in a medical or dental shadowing experience.


participated in a community service.


held a leadership role in a student organization or club.


of premed/preden majors participated in research outside of the classroom.


of premed/preden majors participated in an international medical experience.


of premed/preden majors volunteered at a Dayton area community health center.

Data Tables

Our Dental School Acceptance rate data.

2016-2020 Dental School Acceptance Data

Our Medical School Acceptance rate data.

2016-2020 Medical School Acceptance Data

Our Physician Assistant School Acceptance rate data.

2018-2019 Physician Assistant School Acceptance Data
Our 2019 Program Outcomes - Senior Survey data.

2019 Program outcomes from Senior Survey

Premedical Programs

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