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Premedical Programs

The Dr. Stephen E. and June H. Szabo Grant

Grants have been established through a gift from the estates of Dr. Stephen E. and June H. Szabo in 1999. Dr. Szabo graduated from the University of Dayton in 1935 majoring in Pre-Dentistry. Professionally, Dr. Szabo was a well-respected oral surgeon in the Dayton area. During his practice, which spanned over 50 years, he fought for and paved the way for all oral surgeons in and around the Dayton area to have privileges to operate in all hospitals. As a result of his efforts, he was on the staff of every hospital in Dayton.

Eligible Students

Students at the University of Dayton regularly avail themselves of service or research experiences both on and off campus. The Szabo Grants provide students with an avenue to gain financial resources to make these experiences feasible.

Applicants for a Dr. Stephen E. and June H. Szabo Grant must be students who intend to apply to a primary health care professional school (medicine, dentistry, optometry, etc.), have registered with the Premedical Programs Office and are active within the Program, and are currently being advised by one of the designated premedical advisors.

Funded International Research & Experiences

  • Medical Internship in Cameroon, Cameroon, Africa.
  • El Salvador Breakout 2003 and 2004, El Salvador.
  • Delivering Justice through Social Services. Bangalore, India.
  • Cameroon Immersion Program, Cameroon, Africa.
  • Education in Ireland vs. California, Dublin, Ireland
  • Efficiency in Healthcare: A Comparison of Three Systems, Cameroon, Africa.
  • Death and Dying: A Photo Essay, Czech Republic.
  • Reach Out for the San Jose AIDS Hospice, San Lucas, Guatemala
  • Understanding the Differences in the Roles of Women Between Asian and Western Societies, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Tibet, Thailand, and Japan.
  • International Mission on Medicine, Australia with the National Youth Leadership Forum.
  • The Holmes County First Year Experience, UD/UC JAMS Program, Holmes County, OH.
  • Charitable Donations of Medical Supplies and their Effectiveness in Third World Countries, Cameroon, Africa.
  • Explaining Illness to Children of Different Cultural Backgrounds, Ecuador, South America.

Funded Research at the University of Dayton

  • Examination of Hypolipidemic Anticardiovascular Drug Effects on Fatty Acid Binding Protein (FABP) and Fatty Acid Levels in Male Rats, University of Dayton Research Project.
  • Examination of Hypolipidemic Anticardiovascular Drug Effects on Fatty Acid Binding Protein (FABP) and Fatty Acid Levels in Female Rats, University of Dayton Research Project.
  • Studies of the Effect of Pi Back-Bonding and Electropolymerization on Catalysis at the Electrode Surface, University of Dayton Research Project.
  • Studies of the Effects of Two Fibrate Drugs On Hepatic Fatty Acid Binding Proteins of Liver and Intestine: Cardiovascular Implications, UD Summer Research Project.

Application Process

Applicants must submit a proposal directly to the Director of Premedical Programs. The proposal must include the following:

  • A statement of the project and its goals, 
  • The location where the project will be carried out.
  • A complete budget for the experience and designation of specific amount of funding requested through a Szabo Grant,
  • Statement of how the experience will be valuable to the premedical/predental education of the applicant.
  • A statement of how the results of the project will be shared with the UD community. 

Contact Dr. Elizabeth Rhoads in the Premedical Programs office for more information on the application process and future deadlines.


Premedical Programs

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