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Pre-Health Resource Center

Providing Support and Opportunities

The Pre-Health Resource Center (PHRC) provides an array of opportunities to students of any major who are interested in applying to medical, dental or other health professional schools after graduation. 

Throughout the undergraduate years students will learn about various health professions, gain clinical experience, explore the complexities of healthcare, and interact with both admissions representatives and practicing health care providers. Opportunities include:

  • Seminar series
  • small group meetings with guest speakers from various regional medical, dental and professional schools, 
  • an annual healthcare symposium that provides opportunities for students to learn more about relevant aspects of healthcare, attend professional development discussion panels, and network with area healthcare professionals.

Real-life healthcare experiences ground the foundation that our students discuss during application interviews and provide valuable insights for successful career discernment.

PHRC offers local and international opportunities for:

  • clinical and research experience,
  • patient advocate or medical scribe training,
  • immersive medical experiences,
  • shadowing and volunteering.

PHRC offers services to assist students to becoming successful candidates for health professional school including:


Pre-Health Resource Center

Science Center
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 2361