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Resources for Applying to Health Professional Schools

The Premedical Programs Office (PPO) provides guidance, resources, and support for all majors across campus who are interested in applying to health professional school (HPS). More information for current students can be found on Porches.


Information about application workshops can be found on Porches.

Students applying to HPS that accept composite letters as part of the primary application will be assisted in this process by the PPO.

A request for evaluation page can be found on Porches.

The Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) is a standardized test required for admission to the majority of medical school programs. The MCAT will also be accepted by specific masters and graduate programs. The PPO has developed a course mapping tool that aligns the content of UD courses with the content covered on the MCAT. 

This tool is called “Roadmap to the MCAT” and can be accessed on Porches.

After submitting applications, students may hear back from interested programs and receive an invitation to interview. At this stage, the PPO coordinates with Career Services to offer mock interviews for medical, dental, and PA school for those applicants that have received an interview offer from a HPS.

Help with mock interviews can be found on Porches.