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Premedical Programs

Program Advisors

In addition to the director and associate director of Premedical Programs, there are 20 full time faculty members who function as "premed advisors." All MED/DEN majors are assigned to a premed advisor. These advisors provide academic and career related advising. Additional career preparation activities are provided by the Pre-Health Resource Center.

Premed advisors help students navigate the university and major requirements necessary to complete the degree and provide information about University policies and procedures, and resources. They help students develop their semester schedule to satisfy degree requirements and meet prerequisites for health professional schools. For students applying to medical school, dental school, or other graduate programs that require letters of recommendation, the advisor is responsible for writing a composite letter that is sent as part of the application. Both the premed advisor and the Premedical Programs faculty are valuable resources for information about careers in healthcare. 


Premedical Programs

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