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Minor in Medicine and Society

How can students better prepare for a career in healthcare? The minor in Medicine and Society is intended to provide students with an interdisciplinary approach to:

  1. understanding contemporary complexities of accessing, delivering, and receiving healthcare, and 
  2. understanding how issues related to medicine, health, healing and illness impact individuals and communities.

The minor includes courses in the social science fields as well as humanities disciplines. For students planning a career in healthcare, understanding the ethical, anthropological, social, and psychological issues related to medicine can help you become a more effective and compassionate provider. For students with academic or professional interests in the intersections between health and society, the minor offers a collection of perspectives that can inform future studies and careers. The minor will engage students from all majors who want to better understand the institution and practice of medicine and its position in, effects on, and responses to society.

Students can earn the Medicine and Society minor by completing the two required courses and three additional courses from the approved course list. 


Required Courses;
  • ANT 336: Topics in Medical Anthropology, 3 sem. hrs.
  • SWK or SOC 380: Health and Inequality, 3 sem. hrs.
Choose any three courses from the following:
  • CMM 372: Communication for Health Professionals, 3 sem. hrs
  • CMM 411: Health Communication, 3 sem. hrs.
  • ENG 366: Health Literacy and Social Justice, 3 sem. hrs
  • ENG 373: Writing in the Health Professions, 3 sem. hrs.
  • PHL 315: Medical Ethics, 3 sem. hrs.
  • PSY 366: Health Psychology, 3 sem. hrs.
  • SWK 330: Perspectives on Aging, 3 sem. hrs.
  • SWK 331: Death, Dying and Suicide, 3 sem. hrs.
  • REL 367: Christian Ethics and Health Care Issues, 3 sem. hrs.
  • VAF 230: Anatomy Drawing for Non-Majors, 3 sem. hrs.

Additional courses may be approved by the Program Director.


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