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Premedical Programs

About the Major

The Bachelor of Science degree in Premedicine or Predentistry prepares students for entry into professional schools of medicine, dentistry, physician assistant, veterinary medicine and other health professions.

How our major is distinctive:

  • biomedical science curriculum which meets requirements for health professional school admission
  • provides students with required clinical experience in the Dayton area
  • includes 15-18 semester hours for self-designed study

Courses in biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics comprise the science core of the major. A complement of humanities and social sciences courses are also required to provide students with a well-rounded curriculum that satisfies the typical entry requirements of post undergraduate health care training. Both degrees offer a flexible curriculum that can be tailored to suit personal interests and career aspirations. Read more about the majors under academic programs.

Students have several options for self-designed study:

Over the past ten years, UD graduates have gained admission to health professional schools at an average rate of approximately 75%. Our most recent acceptance statistics can be found under Outcomes.

Watch the video below to hear four 2020 Premedicine graduates talk about their experiences within our program and at UD. This information session provides an overview of the major as well as various clinical and research experiences that the students participated in during their undergraduate careers. The session was hosted by Dr. Kathleen Scheltens, Director of Premedical Programs.

Students can select to major in Premedicine or Predentistry as part of their initial application for admission. Students that have been accepted into the Premedicine or Predentistry programs will begin to immediately work towards their degree requirements upon matriculation that first year.

Benefits to entering UD as a Premedicine or Predentistry include:

  • Enrollment in a first year orientation section which focuses on the needs of students who intend to apply to a health professional school.
  •  Being assigned to an advisor who is a member of the Premedical Faculty Committee.
  •  Being seamlessly connected to services provided by the Premedical Programs Office.

Current UD students can transfer into the Premedicine or Predentistry major if they are currently in a different major and meet the following requirements:

  • Complete general chemistry lecture and lab sequence (CHM 123, CHM 123L, CHM 124, CHM 124L)
  •  Complete introductory biology lecture and lab sequence (BIO 151, BIO 151L, BIO 152, BIO 152L)
  •  Obtain a 3.0 cumulative GPA for the general chemistry and introductory biology sequence.
Current UD students interested in transferring into the Premedicine or Predentistry major need to schedule a meeting with the Premedical Programs Director in order to initiate this process.

When a family visits the Premedical Program Office at the University of Dayton, they are provided with a folder of information which contains a series of brochures. Each of these brochures highlights a specific aspect of the Premedical Program. If you have not visited the campus, you will be able to download, view or print our brochures from the links below.

Program Brochure

Premedical Program's Mini Courses

Medicine and Society Minor

Premedicine / Predentistry Major and Psychology Minor

Everhard, Szabo, and Michaelis Scholarships

Dr.Stephen E. and June H. Szabo Grants

Marian University: Premedical Fast Track Program 

Premedical Programs Summer Newsletter

Acceptance Statistics


medical school acceptance rate over the past five years. 77% acceptance rate in 2019.


dental school acceptance rate over the past five years.


physician assistant school acceptance rate in 2018.

2019 Premedical/Predental Senior Survey


participated in a medical or dental shadowing experience.


participated in community service.


held leadership role in a student organization or club.


participated in research outside the classroom.


participated in an international medical experience.


volunteered at a Dayton area community health center.


Premedical Programs

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