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Recommended Courses

The University of Dayton offers courses across many disciplines that can greatly benefit prelaw students by laying the foundations of a well-rounded education as well as providing the necessary skills for success in law school. View our recommendations from the list below. We also provide a downloadable list in PDF format.

PLW 200: Legal Careers and Professional Development

POL 301: American Judicial Process

Writing Skills

ENG 368: Intro to Professional and Technical Writing

ENG 370: Report and Proposal Writing (JRs and SRs)

ENG 372: Business Communication

Quantitative Analysis Skills Courses

ACC 207: Introduction to Financial Accounting

ACC 208: Introduction to Managerial Accounting

CMM 412: Statistical Methods of Communication

DSC 210: Statistics for Business I

DSC 211: Statistics for Business II

ECO 203: Principles of Microeconomics

MTH 148:  Introductory Calculus I

MTH 207: Introduction to Statistics

PSY 216: Elementary Statistics

Written Research Skills

ENG 490 01: Trauma, Literature and the Middle East - 1974

ENG 490 02: Tom Stoppard

HST 301: Research Methods Seminar

HST 498: History Capstone Seminar

INS 499: International Studies Senior Capstone

PLW 350: Introduction to Legal Research, Writing and Analysis

POL 207: Political Analysis

SOC 409: Senior Project Capstone

Legal Vocabulary and Concepts

CJS:  305 Criminal Law

CJS 315: Criminal Procedure

MGT 201: Legal Environment of Business

SOC 326: Law and Society

Experiential Learning

CJS 495: Criminal Justice Internship

POL 495: Government Internship

PLW 301 & 302: Mock Trial

PLW 495: Legal Internship

ANT 306: Culture and Power

CJS 336: Comparative Criminal Justice Systems

CJS 399 02: Special Topics in Criminal Justice Studies, Criminal Justice Ethics

CJS 399 05: Forensics/Profiling

CMM 350: Propaganda

CMM 351: Public Speaking

CMM 352: Persuasion

CMM 397 P3: Speech/Debate

CMS 316: Intercultural Communication

ECO 204: Principles of Macroeconomics

FIN 301: Introduction to Financial Management

FIN 450: International Business Finance (for Business majors)

HST 251/252: American History

HST 376: Social and Cultural History of the U.S.

INS 390 M1: Model U.N.

PHL 310 C1: Social Philosophy

PHL 313, 316, 319: Various ethics courses

POL 201: American Political System (pre-req for POL 301)

POL 300-01: Homeland Security

POL 300-02: International Political Economy

POL 300-03: Health Policy

POL 333: Politics of Human Rights

PSY 341: Social Psychology

REL 368, 369: Various ethics courses

REL 363: Faith and Justice

SOC 305: Criminological Theory

SOC 339: Social Inequalities

SOC 426: Leadership and Communities

SSC 200-09,59: Sexual Violence

SSC 200-16,17: Forensic Social Violence

SSC 200-30: Ending Gender Violence

SSC 200-42,43: Wrongful Conviction

SSC 200-C1, C2: The Death Penalty

SWK 331: Death, Dying and Suicide

THR 310: Acting for Everyone

Foreign Language Study: Language competency is an asset for those considering careers in law.


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