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LSAT Preparation Workshop

The LSAT Preparation Workshop is an annual event, held in Spring Term. 

Workshop FAQ

Who Should Register?

Anyone thinking about taking the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) in 2014 should consider this workshop. Workshop is limited to 75 participants.

Who are the Instructors?

All sessions are taught by instructors from the University Of Dayton School of Law and the University of Dayton departments of English and Philosophy, as well as experienced prelaw advisors.

What is Included?
  • A Complete LSAT Test given at the start of the program so instructors can teach specifically to your needs.
  • Test-Taking Strategies to introduce you to a variety of ways to approach the test, to handle anxieties, and to maximize your score.
  • Analytical Reasoning Strategies to teach you how to diagram and solve these logic puzzles.
  • Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension Techniques to help you detect basic inferences and deductions, recognize various arguments and develop other skills required in these sections.
  • Analysis of your individual writing sample.  Each writing sample will be reviewed and you will receive detailed individual comments as well as a session on how to write this sample most effectively.
  • Timed Drills and strategies to help you to take home to follow up this course so you can achieve your maximum success.
  • A Test Preparation Book for you to take home to follow-up your instruction with continued practice.
What is the Cost?

$125 (payable in check or cash only. We are unable to accept credit card or online payments.

Contact the Prelaw Program office for more information, 937-229-4229.

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