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Political Science

2022 Dayton2DC Cohort

Freshman, Political Science major

I am a Lebanese-American who was born and raised in the Dayton area. At the start of my sophomore year of high school, my family moved to Doha, Qatar, to be closer to our family in Lebanon. I am currently studying Political Science at the University of Dayton with the intention of going to Law School and pursuing a political career.

Sophomore, International Studies major,
Pre-Law and Human Rights Studies minor

My name is Breanna Adams. I am from Rochester, N.Y. My major is International Studies with a concentration of Peace and Global Security Studies, and my minors are Pre-Law and Human Rights Studies. My expected graduation date is May 2024. I have taken classes such as Social Science and Comparative Politics at Dayton. Throughout the Dayton2DC trip, I am looking for internships, job opportunities and graduate school, specifically law school in Washington, D.C.

Sophomore, International Studies major,
Political Science minor

My name is Isabella Adams, and I am from Rochester, N.Y. I am majoring in International Studies with a concentration in Peace and Global Security Studies and minoring in Political Science. I am expected to graduate in May 2024. I have taken classes such as Social Science and Comparative Politics at UD, and they have helped me explore my interests in these fields. What I am looking for from the Dayton2DC trip are career opportunities and internships.

Aidan Andra

Junior, Political Science and Spanish major, English minor

My name is Aidan Andra. I am Junior from Pittsburgh studying political science with a minor in English. I am on track to graduate in May 2023. In my Political Research Methods class, I conducted research that found internet search interest with the presidential debates will substantially impact voter turnout. I have served as an Intern in the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas and, most recently, I've served in the role of Judicial Intern in the Southern District Court of Ohio in Dayton. I'm hoping that, through Dayton2DC, I can immerse myself in multiple disciplines that I can see myself getting involved in after graduation. That could potentially be law school. My dream would be to wind up in the State Department, Justice Department, the White House or Congress as a legislative assistant. On Campus, I am a Fitness Attendant at the RecPlex and the Social Chair of Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity.

Senior, Human Rights Studies major,
Political Science and Sustainability minor

I am a senior Human Rights Studies major with minors in Political Science and Sustainability. I'm also receiving a certificate from the Graduate School of Public Administration in Nonprofit and Community Leadership. I'm from the suburbs of Cincinnati, but very excited to explore full-time employment opportunities outside of my hometown upon graduation. My passions include climate justice, sustainable development and women's rights. As a current intern at the university's Human Rights Center, I engage with these issues and many more through research, advocacy and communications, all spaces I hope to continue to explore during my career. I've also interned with nonprofits of various sizes, including Counterpart International and EarthShare. During this experience, I'm looking forward to expanding my professional network and building connections that will open new doors for my post-grad career.

Senior, Political Science major, English, History, Pre-Law, Human Rights Studies and Race and Social Justice minors

I'm from Northern Kentucky, and I'm graduating in May 2022 with a Political Science major and English, History, Pre-Law, Human Rights Studies and Race and Social Justice minors. I've interned for the Ohio Civil Rights Commission (Summer 2020), the Mark Fogel Campaign (Summer/Fall 2020) and the Ohio Attorney General's Office (Summer 2021). I'm currently working as the Student Government Association Sustainability Co-Chair, 4 Paws for Ability Club President, Experiential Learning/College of Arts and Sciences Ambassador, Academic Affairs Committee Member, Peers Advocating for Violence Education Social Media Coordinator and River Steward. I'm looking for a job in Washington, D.C., or the surrounding area, specializing in the legal, nonprofit or legislative fields. I have a special interest in victims advocacy.

Senior, Computer Science (Cyber Defense), Communication, Theatre, Dance and Performance Technology minors, Applied Creativity for Transformation certification

Michael Chase, from Cleveland, is a full-time computer science student and part-time DoD employee for Air Force Research Laboratory's GRILL, where he develops software and coordinates and executes STEM outreach goals. Michael will graduate in the spring of 2022 and is interested in securing a cybersecurity or defense position in Washington, D.C.

Senior, Criminal Justice and Security Studies major, Political Science, Psychology, Communications minors

I am a Senior Criminal Justice and Security Studies major from Chicago. I am expected to graduate in May 2022. On campus, I am currently the Service Coordinator for Alpha Phi Sigma + Omega Phi Delta and the Student Research Assistant for the CJSS department office. From this trip, I am hoping to explore the process of legal reform at the national level, while also navigating possible job opportunities in Washington, D.C. after graduation.

Emily Cowen

Junior, Criminal Justice and Security Studies major, 
Political Science, Psychology, Communications minors

My name is Emily Cowen, and I am a junior from Glenview, Ill. I expect to graduate in 2023 with a degree in Criminal Justice and Security Studies and minors in Political Science, Psychology and Communications. I am on the executive board of Women's Club Lacrosse, a member of the Criminal Justice fraternity Omega Phi Delta and I plan to intern with the Montgomery County Common Pleas Court this semester. In Washington, D.C., I hope to network, gain insight and advice on law school and learn about different careers.

Senior, Sociology major, Social Work, Spanish minors

Originally from Tennessee, I am a senior Sociology major with minors in Social Work and Spanish. I studied abroad in Mexico, interned in Washington D.C., and I'm currently working on my honors thesis. I hope to enter the Peace Corps and then get my graduate degree in Social Work. I'm excited to form connections and explore possible job pathways.

Senior, Political Science, Human Rights Studies majors

Graduating in May and seeking full-time employment, I'm a Political Science and Human Rights studies major. At UD, I've been a researcher at the Human Rights Center since 2018, a Chaminade Scholar and in the Sustainability Council. I'm interested in continuing work in policy, community engagement and sustainability-focused fields.

Senior, International Studies major,
Political Science and Spanish minors

I am a senior International Studies major from Westlake, Ohio, planning to graduate in Spring 2022. Last summer, I was a member of the D.C. Flyers and interned with Counterpart International. Following graduation, I hope to volunteer abroad through the Peace Corps or a similar organization before pursuing a career in the Foreign Service. Through this trip, I want to build upon my network and gain knowledge about career opportunities in Washington, D.C.

Sierra Johnson

Senior, Criminal Justice and Security Studies (Pre-Law), 
Pre-Law, Race and Social Justice minors

I am from Chicago, and I will graduate in May 2022. I'm currently a Research Assistant within the Women's Center and a Student Leadership Ambassador. I'm currently conducting my Senior Capstone on understanding first-year student's attitudes toward consent. I was previously a Dean's Summer Fellow and a 2021 Statehouse Civic Scholar interning with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission. I will be presenting my research at the Academy of Criminal Justice Studies Conference in March 2022. The Dayton2DC trip will allow me to explore my passions for criminal justice reform through policy efforts and bipartisan networking.

Senior, History major, Communications,
Economics, Film Studies minors

I am a senior History major from Cherry Hill, N.J., graduating in May 2022. I serve as an executive board member of the service fraternity Epsilon Tau Pi, and I am a graduate of UD’s Core program. I hope to create a strong network with Dayton2DC and learn about professional opportunities in the research, museum and non-profit sectors of the Washington, D.C., area.

Junior, Urban Sustainability major, Communication minor

I am from Danville Ky, and expect to graduate in 2023 with a major in Urban Sustainability and a minor in Communication. I volunteer with the Hanley Sustainability Institute's Sustainability Activation Program which facilitates educational presentations for Dayton students. With this trip, I hope to find potential summer internships as a member of the 2022 D.C. Flyers cohort.

Sophomore, Human Rights Studies, Criminal Justice
and Security Studies majors

My name is Allison O'Gorman, and I'm from Chicago. I am a sophomore double major in Human Rights studies and Criminal Justice and Security Studies. I'm a part of the 2024 Dayton Civic Scholars cohort and will be in Washington, D.C., this summer with the D.C. Flyers program, seeking a full-time internship in advocacy or public policy. Through Dayton2DC, I hope to explore potential internships and gain advice from professionals in the area.

Sophomore, Political Science major, Pre-Law,
Philosophy minors

My name is Lou Persiani, and I am from Avon Lake, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland. My expected graduation date is May 2024. I am looking to gain knowledge of what work is like in Washington. D.C., as well as narrowing my focus on my vocation. I am very interested in international policy work or anything relating to international law, policy or international agencies.

Freshman, Political Science major

My name is Liam Row, and I’m from Fort Wayne, Ind. I’m a first-year Political Science major and I'm looking forward to the networking opportunities and placement assistance that this trip will provide for a summer internship. I am currently on the Mock Trial and Debate Teams and I'm looking to attend law school upon graduation.

Post-Graduate, Communication major

My name is Johanna Schlegel, and I am originally from Hildesheim, Germany. I speak English, German and French. I'm currently pursuing my Master's in Communication at the University of Dayton, and I'm expecting to graduate in May 2023. I am an ambitious student with excellent research, time management and problem-solving skills. I have a strong background in international relations, public relations and communications. I am currently looking for internship opportunities for the summer or options for full-time jobs after graduation.

Junior, Political Science major

I am from Ann Arbor, Mich., and I'm majoring in Political Science. I'm expecting to graduate in May 2023. I'm an active member of the Model United Nations Club at the University of Dayton. I hope that the Dayton2DC trip will give me an opportunity to network and make new connections for future internships and other academic opportunities. This experience will give me insight into possible career options in Washington, D.C., and paths to get there.

Senior, Communication (Public Relations) major,
Political Science minor

I am a graduating senior from Cleveland studying Public Relations with a minor in Political Science. At UD, I am a varsity member of the Women's Rowing Team, serve as the Chief of Staff on the Student Government Executive Board and the team leader for UDayton Votes. This past summer, I interned at the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections. I look forward to learning how to turn my interest in civic engagement into a future career. I hope to connect and build relationships with professionals in Washington, D.C.

Sophomore, Political Science major,
Entrepreneurship minor

My name is Helena Thompson, and I'm a sophomore Political Science and Entrepreneur student from Louisville, Ky. I'm currently on track to graduate in the spring semester of 2024, and I am still undecided on the path I want to take following graduation. I envision the hands-on experience and networking I'll be doing in Washington, D.C., will give me clarity on my true ambitions. I'm currently apart of the Student Government Association as a Student Executive Secretary and recruitment chair for the only entrepreneur business fraternity in the nation, Epsilon Nu Tau, founded here in Dayton.

Junior, Criminal Justice and Security Studies,
Psychology majors, Pre-Law minor

I am from Antioch, Ill., and a double major in Criminal Justice and Security Studies and Psychology with a minor in Pre-Law. I'm expected to graduate in May 2023, and plan to attend law school. I'm a Resident Assistant on campus and involved in Omega Phil Delta, Psi Chi, and the honors program. Currently, I'm working on an honors thesis. On this trip, I hope to network and explore different areas of law.

Senior, Human Rights Studies, International Studies majors, Spanish and Political Science minors

I am a senior from Kettering, Ohio, graduating with Human Rights Studies and International Studies majors in May 2022. I'm the President of the Catholic Relief Services Student Ambassadors on campus. I've interned for the Ohio Poverty Law Center in Columbus, advocating for anti-poverty legislation. I'm looking forward to networking and learning more about careers in international development, nonprofit work and advocacy in Washington, D.C.


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