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Master of Public Administration

The Mission and Goals of the MPA Program


To advance the common good by preparing responsible public-servant leaders who work to improve the quality of public service locally, nationally, and globally.


In partnership with community, public, and nonprofit organizations, the University of Dayton MPA Program serves the common good by preparing responsible public-servant leaders who value, understand, and apply the ethics, theories, and skills of public administration.


  • Training and educating students for careers as public-servant leaders of public and nonprofit organizations.
  • Building mutually respectful and reciprocal partnerships with organizations in local, regional, and state communities.
  • Addressing issues of concern for the public and nonprofit sectors across all levels of government by engaging in applied and academic research activities.


The University of Dayton MPA Program espouses the Catholic and Marianist traditions of our university. As such, the program expresses a commitment to similar values to the University as a whole. The foundation of the University of Dayton curriculum is seven institutional learning goals—called the Habits of Inquiry and Reflection: Scholarship, Faith Traditions, Diversity, Community, Practical Wisdom, Critical Evaluation of Our Times and Vocation.

Our MPA Program - that prepares responsible public-servant leaders who serve the common good - similarly pursues dimensions of these learning goals that we call our public service values.

We value:

  • Public Service as a Vocation
  • Inclusive and Representative Community Engagement and Participation
  • The Development and Demonstration of Practical Wisdom in Addressing Human Needs and Problems
  • Transparency and Accountability of Public Institutions

Master of Public Administration

St. Joseph Hall
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Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 1425