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Master of Public Administration

MPA Curriculum

The Master of Public Administration MPA degree requires students to satisfactory complete 39 semester hours of coursework with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better. The 39 hours of coursework must include:

Core Courses

Required: Complete 21 semester hours.

MPA 500:  Introduction to Public Administration F
MPA 510:  Quantitative Methods in Public Administration F
MPA 511:  Applied Research Techniques S
MPA 520:  Organizational Theory F
MPA 530:  Public Budgeting S
MPA 540:  Public Sector Human Resource Management F
MPA 599:  Public Administration Capstone S
Choose one Public Policy Course (required; 3 Sem Hrs.)
MPA 504:  State and Local Government
MPA 551:  Introduction to Public Policy S
Choose one Ethics Course (required; 3 Sem. Hrs.)
MPA 526:  Leadership in Building Community
MPA 524:  Ethics in Public Administration S

F indicates a course typically offered during the fall semester.
S indicates a course typically offered during the spring semester.

Elective Courses

Complete 12 semester hours. Students, with prior approval of the Program Director, may take other graduate level courses outside of the department to fulfill elective requirement.

MPA 508: Contemporary Issues
MPA 514: Government Planning
MPA 515: Emergency Management
MPA 555: Selected Topics in Public Policy
MPA 556: Environmental Policy
MPA 557: Health Policy
MPA 561: Introduction to Nonprofit and Community Organizations
MPA 562: Strategic Planning for Nonprofit and Community Organizations
MPA 563: NGO Management and Development
MPA 565: Grant Writing
MPA 566: Nonprofit Community Relations
MPA 569: Nonprofit Financial Management 
MPA 571: Administrative Law
MPA 593: Independent Study
MPA 595: Internship
MPA 597: Public Service Project

Master of Public Administration

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