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Master of Public Administration

Alumni Testimonials

Read what our alumni have to say about our program.

Julie Clark '04, Senior Defense Analyst, U.S. Government Accountability Office
"The MPA program at UD set me up for a successful career within the Federal government. Since graduating from UD, I have worked in program management and audit positions under the Executive and Legislative branches. I appreciated that the program included students, professionals, and professors with previous government work experience from different levels of government, non-profits, and the private sector. This brought a unique perspective to the classroom and provided invaluable relationships with other students and professors, which I still have to this day. With the focus on topics such as policy, community involvement, critical thinking skills, and budgeting, a UD MPA equips you for a variety of positions within the government or non-profit sector."
Nick Hosford '14, Assistant Chief, Dayton Fire Department
"In the realm of the Public Administration profession, the MPA Program at the University of Dayton provides a wealth of knowledge, perspective, and career development for those seeking to excel in the public and non-profit arenas. I have spent over 20 years working in the public sector in Emergency Services and found this program and course work to be both relevant and engaging. The faculty and staff provides an excellent balance of academics and real world experience. I believe the MPA Program has helped to broaden my perspective, enhance my executive skills, and develop leadership abilities in order to better serve both my organization and this community."
Bryan Stewart '18, Workforce Director, Montgomery County Educational Service Center & Learn to Earn Dayton; Resource Development Chair, Boys and Girls Club of Dayton Board of Directors
"UD's MPA program has changed my life. I once thought I could not afford graduate school and was afraid of the GRE exam, but UD's program was both affordable and incredibly supportive. Earning my MPA degree opened so many doors to public service. I currently collaborate with over two-dozen school districts to bring employers and major industry into our region's schools. It is incredibly rewarding work that I would not have been able to do without the UD MPA program. The program faculty taught me how to address regional problems with a system-level perspective. I regularly interface with partners from the education and business communities. The MPA coursework prepared me to establish and improve upon these mutually beneficial partnerships. Whether it was an organizational leadership or economic development class, the books we read and the cases we discussed provided context and lessons for the important projects I work on today."
Cordell Williams '16, Grants & Development Administrator, Greater Dayton Premier Management

"I began my civil service career in the City of Dayton Commission Office as a legislative aide for Commissioner Joseph and later Mayor Whaley. My passion for public service evolved during this work and, as a result, I enrolled in the University of Dayton MPA program. Today, I manage approximately $25 million in capital funding for development, financing, and modernization of residential housing. The MPA program’s curriculum prepared me to be the best public servant leader I can be and effect the public sector responsibly through service and policy. The MPA program affirmed my desire to be a public servant and give back to the common good."

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Master of Public Administration

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