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Master of Public Administration

About the Master of Public Administration

The University of Dayton Master of Public Administration Program, offered since 1967, prepares responsible public-servant leaders who advance the common good by working to improve the quality of public service locally, nationally, and globally.

The program consists of 39 semester hours with 27 hours of core courses. Students without current employment in the public or nonprofit sectors participate in an internship program, while those students currently working in relevant jobs often engage in a public service project to expand their career options. Classes are typically offered during the evening, one night per week, from 6-8:40 p.m. Additional options may be offered online or earlier in the day.

Please contact the program director, Dr. Joshua Ambrosius to make an inquiry or ask any questions.

Graduation Rates

You can complete the program in as little as 2 years with full-time study or approximately 3-4 years with part-time study. Full-time study, in this context, is defined as 3 courses per semester with 1 additional course added along the way, such as in the summer term. Part-time study is 1-2 courses per semester in the fall, spring, or summer.

Students should work with the program director to design a course of study that is appropriate for their professional and personal schedules.

Of the student cohort beginning in academic year AY 2013-14 (N=8), 63% (5) completed the MPA degree within 2 years, 100% (8) completed the program within 3 years, and 100% (8) graduated within 4 years.

Employment Rates, six months after graduation

Our graduates find employment in the following sectors: U.S. government; State of Ohio government; city, county or other local government; domestic nonprofit; international nonprofit or NGO; and private business. Some are obtaining further education. Employment by sector for 2017-2018 graduates is below.

2017-18 Graduates, Pre-Service

  • City, County, or other local government: 1
  • U.S. Government: 1
  • State Government: 1
  • Domestic Nonprofit: 1
  • International Nonprofit/NGO: 1
  • Private business: 1
  • Unknown: 0


2017-18 Graduates, In-Service

  • City, County, or other local government: 4
  • U.S. Government: 1
  • Domestic Nonprofit: 2
  • Unknown: 0

Master of Public Administration

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